Is it Really Possible to recover Data after Format?

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March 26, 2020


Accidently formatting of data is a nightmare, but there are situations where you need to perform formatting for a specific reason. Reasons could be many like you feel the need to do it to make your desktop/ laptop work smoother. There is a virus in your hard drive which is causing you to perform functioning. […]

But, is it possible to recover your data once formatting is done? Data loss and misplacement is a serious issue, especially if it’s related to business need. Formatting everything, but still having your data secured seems impossible isn’t it? Here is a guide to tell you everything about format & Data recovery.

Why is the formatting required? 

Here are some of the reasons why you format a hard drive?

1.Unstable supply of Power: There is a possibility where you use a too high or too low power supply. This will result in your USP to cause hard drive failure. This leads to the formatting of your data completely.

2.Hard drive crash: Having improper access to ventilation in your CPU leads to fast healing of the system which may result in crashing your hard disc. In major cases with this scenario, you can hear weird noises of clicking that comes from your device.

3.Corrupt Files: You might notice your computer shutting down suddenly. And this happens to be repetitive, causing you trouble to perform your daily routine work on it. This is because of the files in your desktop/ laptop being corrupted in nature. There is a serious concern of viruses as well intruding in your hard drive.

4.Human Error: We make errors and that’s natural. Accidental formatting without a secure backup is a common issue. Improper installation of operating systems can also lead to hard drive failure and provide you with big-time trouble.

5.Internal Error: The hard drive is a mechanical development and there are chances of an internal mechanical defect causing failure of the hard drive. Some files and folders become unavailable; your desktop & Laptop might black out all of a sudden.

6.Firmware Failures: In the middle of the booting process, there is the possibility of the system being stuck badly. This makes it impossible for you to access the files.

While the reason for data formatting is many, one of the common reasons is human error. We make the move without having a backup of the data, this results in precious loss of information which was required to a greater extent.

Data Loss & Hard Drive Error


Small scale enterprise goes out of business due to data loss70%
Big enterprises go out of business due to data loss30%
Human error that causes hard drive error14 %
Hard Drive Crash67%
Software Failure that causes hard drive error10%
Human error for data loss40%
Mechanical issue for data loss60%

Problems are faced after serious formatting? 

Reformatting or formatting occurs because of human error, or at times during the installation of a new system update. All of which might have an impact on your storage and drive seriously.

1.Drive not found: This error is a red signal for you to understand that there is a possibility of your hard drive being caught with a serious problem. Drive not found or drive not ready is an issue in your hard drive that might have led to damage in the partition or completely.

2.Drive Formatted: This is shown as soon as you have formatted your drive. You won’t be able to access your drives, as they have got completely vanishes. This means your important drive is corrupted, crashed or deleted.

3.Data Loss: Losing data is a tragedy because you haven’t done a secure backup. Many of us ignore the risk that is associated while formatting the data, but we often overlook it. These are warning signs that provide us to take help from a professional person. Or at least make a secure backup, which we might fail. And this can cause serious loss of data that might be crucial for your business or individual level.

Is it Possible to recover the lost data? 

At first, you might panic and wonder where is your data. You might have tried ways, accessed every folder, drive but didn’t notice any data on your hard drive. This is a crucial time, and you are wondering, what are the possibilities of the data to be delivered back to you?

Usually, when you format data by your ways, you simply use the “quick format” option. This temporarily hides the file and drives. Or it might just remove the files, all these files are still accessible. These are kept in original form in the hard drive, which you might not be able to access.

Now, you know this can be one possibility, along with that, there are chances of serious data loss. This can occur due to the above serious reasons mentioned. In such an instance, approaching a data recovery service could be an ideal choice for you.

Reliable Data Recovery Solution Provider: Techchef

Prevention is always going to be better than a cure. So, you need to diagnose the device as early as possible. You might have missed the opportunity to back up your data, but you still have got service providers to help you through the tough times. In the fast-paced race to the future, we get so many options to choose from. The Internet is filled with service providers and this might seem intimidating to you at first.

If this is one big problem, we have got it covered for you. Techchef is a leading renowned prominent, data recovery service provider. With an exceptional strategy to retrieve your information, you can trust the threats to vanish in no time. You might be in a hurry to do it yourself, through YouTube videos and blogs on recovery, but is it a good time to risk your information?

Relying on a professional service provider like Techchef, that holds ample years of experience does make sense. With that, you know you’re entitled to get top class, high quality, and tech-oriented service. The use of the latest technology will be one big advantage to recover maximum data.

With 100% recovery, we ask for the payments, that’s our rule. We have got clients, those who have to seek service from us and are satisfied with the outcomes. We perform cleaning room recovery that makes no intruder gets into the privacy of your data. Our engineers try their level best to recover the data and provide it to you safely with pick up and drop off your media.

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