Six Solutions for the iPhone that shows “0 bytes available” error

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August 18, 2021


Many iPhone users suffer from the problem when their iPhone shows 0 bytes available even after having few files stored. This problem could occur in a malware attack or system crash that puts your important iPhone files at risk. Here are the six effective solutions for the issue: iPhone shows 0 bytes available. Author Divya […]

1. Check the storage space: Firstly you need to check the actual storage space of your iPhone and see which programs have occupied the storage more. Go to Settings >Tap “general”> Manage storage. This step will take you to the device’s storage space, whether which application has occupied the most or least of the device space.

2. Uninstall apps: The next step you need to do is clear up space. Check what applications are not in use right now and delete them right away. Check for some messages, videos or photos files that are not needed. This can free up large storage space in your iPhone. If the 0 bytes available problem persists, try another method.

3. Install antivirus software: The 0 bytes available problem in iPhone, despite the storage space, can also occur due to a virus attack or a malicious program. Install and run an antivirus program to prevent such errors in your iPhone.

4. Reboot your iPhone: Even after using all the methods, the 0 bytes problem exists; try to reboot your iPhone. iPhone reboot can solve such issues a lot of times.

5. Go for a factory reset in your iPhone: When you reach this end, it’s time to do a factory reset in your iPhone to prevent the 0 bytes available problem. Unfortunately, though, resetting your iPhone will result in wiping the entire data stored in the iPhone. So make sure you create a safe backup and keep it to restore iPhone data after the factory reset is done.


iPhone with the most sophisticated features can still suffer from 0 bytes available. To prevent this in your iPhone, try all these solutions. Always be ready with a backup before you for any step to prevent inevitable data loss in your iPhone. If your iPhone is a victim of malware infection or system crash, consider a ransomware data recovery service.

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