Six Wrong Habits that can Cause Abrupt Data Loss in your Computer

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July 27, 2021


The most common causes that lead to sudden data loss in your device can be hard disk failure and, nonetheless, human error. Even due to human error, the hard disk could fail to result in inevitable data loss. A human can be careless, but this carelessness could worsen the data loss scenarios. Here are the […]

1. Keeping your computer on an unstable surface

Compared with their previous models, laptops and computers come in lightweight and sleek designs that make it convenient for you to manage them. But with a little carelessness, placing your system on an unstable surface could put your whole data at stake with the fear of a sudden fall.

2. Drinking water near-desktop

It’s good to enjoy a little beverage while working on office projects, but what if it fell from your hand on the desktop? Oopsie.. computers or laptops are not waterproof and could get severely damaged after liquid spilled.

3. Not keeping a computer clean

If you are not accustomed to cleaning up your desktop, the dust and particles in the air could affect your computer’s hardware by damaging it. Make sure to clean it once a week with a soft cloth.

4. Not using ups

An uninterrupted power supply or UPS could be a lifesaver for your system. Or else, your computer can get affected by a sudden power surge which could be a reason for your data loss.

5. Working on the computer in clutter area

If you are not a big fan of cleaning, at least make sure you are not working on your computer in a congested space. Covered computer ventilation due to congested space could result in overheating that badly affects computer health, damaging the hardware.

6. Not creating backup

Creating a backup of your files has become an important part of immediate data recovery. If any data loss catastrophe hits your computer, you will have a backup on your side to access your files anytime.


Human error has always been a culprit to data loss scenarios and computer failure. Always make sure you show less carelessness towards your computer to avoid any data loss. Connect to a data recovery specialist immediately to get an effective and fastest data recovery solution with maximum recovery rate assurance.

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