Techchef All-Set to Mitigate COVID-19 Spread with Remote Data Recovery Services

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April 15, 2020


Techchef, the leading data recovery company in India has recently launched the remote data recovery services with an aim to deal with the current data loss crises amid COVID-19 breakdown. Author Kajal Aswal View all posts

The pandemic spread has led organizations to shift to work from home. The alarming increase in COVID-19 patients has aggravated the situation and has enforced lockdown across the country. Thus, considering the gravity of the situation Techchef has announced the launch of its remote data recovery services. The initiative of the company will ensure customers enjoy data recovery services at their doorstep. Using state-of-art technology and an internet connection the lost files will be retrieved back on a real-time basis at the customer’s location.

While working remotely, data recovery specialists from the company will abide by the strict policies. The integrity, security, and confidentiality of data will be maintained by using a secured internet connection and Techchef’s proprietary recovery tools and software. The process will enable data recovery from all logical crashed disk drives failures such as deletion or corruption of data and partitions, missing files and folders, formatting of logical drives, LUN deletion, and data overwriting over the internet.

Amidst the chaotic environment and financial crises, instances like data loss may be a serious cause of worry for the organizations. With the only option left to work from home, the essentiality of data grows into being more critical than ever before. Millions of workers logging into the company’s remote networks are likely to open doors to server crashes or failures. This COVID-19 inspired work from home push may become a reason to threaten a company’s existence.

Therefore, to undermine the effects of COVID-19 crises Techchef experts have come forward to support organizations in these turbulent times. The company has launched remote online data recovery services which will enable them to retrieve data online with faster turnaround time.

Furthermore, this will solve the major bottleneck of transporting hard drive all the way to the data recovery center. Moreover, instantaneous recovery will save a lot of time. Hence, the service comes as a boon for numerous customers and organizations in these current crises.

To rescue your lost data Techchef recovery specialists will use a simple process that will ensure your quality as achieved in cleanrooms.

A dedicated engineer from Techchef will perform a remote diagnosis to evaluate the device and analyze the possible recovery options. The process will involve a comprehensive device scanning whose duration will depend on the drive capacity and condition. Additionally, the recovery engineers will provide you a list of the recoverable files along with an indication of their state of completeness. Post this approximate recovery charges and timeline will be conveyed to the customer. Once the customer agrees and authorizes process recovery experts from Techchef will proceed to perform the remote recovery on a device connected to the customer’s desktop/laptop.

Using the patented technology for reliable, fast, safe and convenient data will be recovered remotely through a secured connection between your device and Techchef’s system.

“In such unprecedented times of pandemic spread, we are committed to pledging our support for data recovery needs nationwide. We understand the sensitivity of time and by all means, we assure to stand by our customers to deal with data loss challenges while complying with lockdown directives” – stated the company’s media spokesperson.

To address the situation Techchef has formed a team of adroit recovery specialists who will be working 24*7 for customers. Considering the COVID-19 business impact and economic damage to organizations, the company has also released a special rate list to make services more affordable.

To avail Techchef’s data recovery support and services you can place a call on toll-free helpline no. 1800-313-1737

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