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Many people are unaware that just because their computer hardware is damaged does not mean that the data stored on the hard drive is lost forever. Several companies specialize in data recovery regardless of the reason for the loss of information on the hard drive in the first place. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Many processes are used to recover lost data on a variety of computers and other data storage devices. These processes can differ according to the type of device as well as the OS (operating system) of the device. One of these lost data recovery processes is to restore sections or partitions of data that may have been deleted or lost whether purposely or accidentally.

Recovering Deleted or Lost Partitions

The data recovery of partitions depends mainly on the use of a software program that searches for the empty sections and then repairs or replaces the information that has been damaged, lost, or deleted. This type of data recovery is aimed at recovery is caused by logical damage to the computer.

Some different operating systems have software programs designed to treat the recovery of deleted or lost partitions. Some of these operating systems include DOS, Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux as well as a few others that are commonly used on computers and other data storage devices.

Different operating system data recovery

Mac Recovery

Many websites on the internet offer free or cheap Mac data recovery software though it’s not recommended to use these programs unless you have enough knowledge Incorrect usage of these software programs can result in the permanent deletion or loss of partitions that is important to the functioning of your operating system.

Better to find data recovery professionals who offer expert Mac data recovery and make sure, you are not damaging the device during the trying process to recover lost or deleted data on your own.

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Windows Recovery

Windows has a great data recovery tool that you can either download or purchase at a low cost. However, depending on the extent of the lost data and the damage that has been caused to the operating system and on the hard drive it’s best to use professional data recovery.

Linux Recovery

Linux also has a fully automated data recovery software program that can be purchased at a low cost. Because is an automated program, it is user-friendly. However, it is important to identify what you should do before initiating the process which could lead to the irreversible loss of all data while the Linux operating system is fully restored to its previous operation.

Professional data recovery is best for your data loss problems

Professional data recovery rather affordable and reliable if compared with the cost of purchasing these software packages. The charges for recovering lost, damaged, or deleted data are determined by several things.

1.At first, the amount of time the technician is expected to work on recovering the data.

2.The second part of the costs related to the percentage of data that can be recovered within the time frame.

3.The third data recovery cost involves physical damage to the hardware where the price of any necessary replacement parts will need to be calculated.

Always keep in mind that a data recovering specialist should never ask you for charges on the recovery process if no data was recoverable at all from the hard drive or other data storage device. This makes getting professional data recovery rather than repair and recovery software much more cost-effective and time-saving.

Which is the best data recovery company?

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