The Critical Role of Data Sanitization in IT Security

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June 11, 2020


Considering a dramatic increase in corporate hacks and data thefts, data sanitization– the process of comprehensively removing data from IT systems has become critically important. In wake of such data breach issues lingering around, information security has become essential than ever. Author Kajal Aswal View all posts

Data theft in any form can put an organization’s as well as its stakeholder’s reputation at stake. Therefore, to ensure information security preservation around the complex IT landscape, organizations need to eliminate ambiguity surrounding data sanitization.

Attempting to discard, recycle, reuse or resell devices without sanitization may prove to be dangerous. This is because in such instances information from your IT assets is easily retrievable which may compromise your organization’s security and may prove to be tragic.

Therefore, to assist your organization to strengthen it’s IT’s countermeasures against nefarious activities this article provides you insight into data sanitization. The guide will help you understand data sanitization and its role in preserving an organization’s information security.  

What is Data Sanitization?

Data sanitization refers to the process of intentionally, permanently, and irreversibly removing data from a memory device. After the process of sanitization data on the device becomes unrecoverable. Even after using the advanced forensic procedures the erased information on the device becomes irretrievable.

The sanitization process may involve using a software utility to erase data, a dedicated hardware device, or a specialized mechanism for physically destroying data to make it irrecoverable.

Why Data Sanitization is Important for IT Security?

Data sanitization should be at the heart of your information security process. Sanitization of your media is crucial to ensure security to your sensitive data from reaching outside the organization. It is an effective approach to maintain the integrity of an organization’s IT assets. Moreover, it is worth considering that when you get your systems sanitized, you can replace, reuse, or discard them without any worry of information being leaked. This also prevents your IT assets from being unnecessarily destroyed from fear of data going out.

For several eminent industries such as medical, government organizations, contractors’ proper data disposal follows stringent measures. That’s where the data sanitization process can help. This can help the organization avert several risks associated with improper data disposal.

Thus, data sanitization is essential to protect your company’s information security and mitigate risk in the disposal of unwanted assets. 

How Do Techchef Professionals handle Data sanitization?

Techchef is a specialist in handling sanitization for IT security systems. The company has years of experience and expertise in the industry. It is a GDPR approved Hard Disk Data Sanitization, the service provider. Through advanced sanitization techniques involving Blancco erasing solutions, IT Asset disposition services, drive degaussing services, and drive destruction services, Techchef ensures complete information destruction. All of the sanitization services from the company are designated to meet industry standards. Throughout services, Techchef sanitization specialists ensure safety to your information security.

At Techchef, we know that Data Sanitization is an imperative component of the IT Asset Disposition process, therefore we provide you right environment and protocol deployment for the purpose.

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