These 5 Do’s and Don’ts of a Pen Drive will Extend its Lifespan

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April 20, 2021


USB flash drives or pen drives are famous for their portability and durability but can you prolong its natural life further? Yes, It is possible; you can extend your USB flash drive’s life by following the do’s and don’ts that will help you longer its durability. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Also, pen drive failures due to human, electrical or software errors can render your precious data inaccessible. Working on these do’s, and don’ts may also protect from unnecessary expenses on pen drive data recovery services.

Do’s for prolonging the life of your pen drive

1. Keep it in a safe case

USB flash drives with the metal part ( inserted in the USB port) are sensitive and should be kept clean and away from heat or moisture.

To make sure your pen drive is safe and in a clean place, keep it in a zip lock bag, a plastic case or in a cloth pouch to eliminate any dust, moisture or heat entering the pen drive.

2. Remove drive safely

Whenever you are finished with your pen drive work, make sure you unmount it safely from the system. Improper removal of USB flash drives can cause serious damage to the drive and may lose your data or even corrupt your valuable files.

Whether you have inserted the drive in the windows or a Mac OS, safely ‘eject ‘ the USB flash drive to ensure safe unmounting of the drive.

3. Remove the pen drive safely when not in use

Most of the pen drives wear shorter life due to the longer insertion of the USB flash drive in the device port.

When you leave your pen drive inserted in the port, the operating system continually checks and updates the drive, resulting in shortening its life. Make sure you remove the drive after you use it to avoid any immediate data loss.

4. Always scan your USB drives for virus inspection

A good quality antivirus or anti-malware application can save the life of your precious pen drive. When a virus infects the system software, it also enters the pen drive and replicates itself, eroding the read/write limit of the drive.

Install an antivirus application in the system that can safeguard your inserted pen drive and files as well.

5. Keep an eye on your pen drive usage

A pen drive comes with finite write/erase cycles that withstand between 10,000 to 100,000 and an average disconnect and connect cycle of 150- 1500.

Frequent use of an electronic drive like a pen drive wears out with time, resulting in unreadable files. You can save your pen drive’s life by limiting the use, wiping out old files and safely removing it from the port.

Don’ts to Avoid the Unnecessary Steps that can Harm the Pen Drive

1. Do not edit files directly on the pen drive

You want to save, paste, edit or change something in your files that you have transferred from the inserted pen drive?

Consider removing the pen drive when you do such things. Changing or editing files on the system with a pen drive inserted can burn its write/erase cycle earlier, eventually reducing its natural life.

2. Avoid rough handling of the drive

Why do you have to be so harsh and rough when you insert or eject your pen drive? It can cause serious damage to the sensitive parts of the drive rendering your saved files corrupted or inaccessible to you.

3. Avoid defragmentation on the USB flash drive

The defragmentation on the system is meant to limit the head moment of the hard disk drive. You can erode the pen drive quality by running defragmentation on your sensitive electronic drive. It can damage the drive by burning the read/write cycle of the pen drive, leading to permanent data loss.

4. Do not run software from your flash drive

The pen drive comes with a predetermined read/write cycle that is limited. Saving and retrieving documents completes one cycle of the read/write limit.

When you run a program from the drive intendedly, it uses multiple read/write cycles at once, eventually degrading the life of the drive.

5. Avoid power surges

Pen drive is not the exception; poor power connection or unstable power can wear all the media storage devices, resulting in sudden data loss of your essential files. You can use a good quality uninterrupted Power Supply (USP) or a surge protector to prevent any sudden data loss.


Electronic media storage devices like pen drives can be adversely affected if not taken care of properly despite the durability and portability factors.

To avoid data loss catastrophic situations, follow this do’s and don’ts guide for pen drive to prolong its life.

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