These Five Cloud Computing Issues can be a Cause of your Business Data Loss

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May 19, 2021


As of now, cloud computing apps are heavily used by organizations that are working remotely. Cloud solutions are highly demanded by the IT businesses that want to store and back up their data offsite, and cloud solutions fit the best. Author Divya Jain View all posts

However, many data breaches, phishing and data theft causes are also associated with cloud computing that can risk your business data assets, customers’ personal information, confidential information and more.

Here are the top seven cloud security risks that can cause data loss and ruin your running operations.

1. Violation of Regulatory compliance:  Data privacy is our priority. That’s why we ensure 100% data privacy to keep your mind at peace.

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Businesses are supposed to strictly follow some compliance guidelines that go parallel with their industry. However, some cloud applications don’t serve enough purpose to the regulatory compliances leading businesses to violate the compliance guidelines and pay heavy fines.

2. Lower visibility of cloud environment: This could be one of the prominent issues of all time. Businesses with cloud computing with less cloud environment visibility restrict the user to do their configuration and management over the cloud environment, creating problems later.

3. Reduced control over cloud environment: With the reduced visibility, users often complain about the reduced controls of cloud settings over cloud environments. This may also restrict the user to continue their ongoing operations hindering the operations.

4. Lateral attack spread: The problem refers to the spread of attackers from one workload to another in the cloud environment when there is not up-to-date cloud security. Your business’s multi databases, apps, programs or even credentials can be at stake due to the infiltration of an attacker on the cloud resulting in a data breach.

5. highly complexed security: A business workflow can have a breakage when multiple cloud providers offer multiple cloud security or authentications. It becomes difficult for the end-user to access files sooner due to the complex security methods and the time it takes. Multi Factor-authentication, SMS text message, and more complex security processes delay workflow.


You can choose a cloud computing solution that provides better regulatory compliance for your business with access controls and better security options that prevent data thefts and breaches from reaching your private information. Though, not all cloud environments go as expected, with vulnerabilities to attackers, leading to data breach and sudden data loss. Consider speed dialling a data recovery professional to get your business data recovered and get operations running again.

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