These Four Tips can help you Recover your Corrupted PDF file

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July 1, 2021


PDF files never fail to impress when we tend to save files as a protecting document that ensures original content is preserved. However, pdf files can undergo corruption, so here are four tips on how you can protect your pdf documents from getting corrupted. Author Divya Jain View all posts

How to tell if a PDF document is Corrupted?

Certain signs of corrupted PDF documents show your files inaccessible when you try to open them.

Error messages “format error: not a PDF or corrupted”
Blank pages while opening
Error message” error opening document”
Damaged computer

How to Recover Corrupted PDF files?

Try these four methods to get your files back in an accessible state from corrupted pdf files.

1. Recover from backup files: It will be easier to retrieve the corrupted files if you have enabled data backup on your computer.

2. Try other software: This may not be an ideal approach, but trying this may recover your corrupted file. You can use Other Applications to access the pdf files like windows notepad. However, this method has its limitations and may not be useful for recovering all information.

3. Convert file format: You can try to convert the pdf format into .doc or .html to retrieve your corrupted file. You can get a chance to access text and images of your corrupted file. Also to mention that this method may also be partially effective in recovering your corrupted document, so it is not useful if you want 100% recovery of your file.

4. Data recovery specialist: A professional is the only option that may assure you 100% recovery rates as they hold several years of experience and modified tools to successfully recover your corrupted pdf file.


It is always recommended to enable auto backup on your computer that can minimize your data loss chances. If you undergo sudden data loss or pdf file corruption, immediately connect to a data recovery specialist that can help you retrieve your corrupted files with the most effective approaches.

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