Top 4 Solutions when you Accidentally Delete System Reserved Partition

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September 11, 2021


Accidentally deleting files and folders could be reversed in many ways, but if you delete the system reserved partition? This type of partition has its value for Windows booting. If this partition is missing from the system, eventually, Windows will fail to boot, which means you won’t be able to access your data and suffer […]

1. Rebuild the partition: By rebuilding the system partition, you can restore the lost partition in the system to make Windows function normally.

To rebuilt the partition, firstly, boot windows computer via windows installation media> Press “Shift+F10” keys for command prompt> type “bootrec/fixmbr” and hit enter> type” select disk 0 and press enter”> input “list partition” and press “enter” > type “select partition n( n the target partition)” and press “enter”> type “active” and press “enter”> input “exit” and hit “enter”> input “bootrec /fixboot” and hit “enter”> input “bootrec /rebuildbcd” and hit “enter.”

When you are done with all the steps, close the prompt and shut down the PC. Finally, boot the PC from the recently repaired drive.

2. Reinstall windows: If the partition rebuild failed to restore the deleted system reserved partition, you would need to reinstall windows. Not to miss the fact that reinstalling windows will erase the entire data in your computer. For this, you will need an updated backup for computer data recovery. Though, it may resolve the issue by freshly restoring the windows and bringing back the partition.

3. Data recovery specialist: Some logical issues like lost system reserved partitions can be complex to restore or recover. In this scenario, you should resort to a data recovery specialist who can recover the accidentally deleted system reserved partition with maximum recovery success rates.


Final words

Always beware when you are clearing folders or partitions from your computer. Sometimes deleting a partition can give you trouble while booting the system, especially when it is a system reserved partition. Update your backup every time you make changes to your PC to avoid any unexpected data loss.

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