Top 5 Ways to Fix External Hard Disks When Not Detected in Windows?

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April 4, 2022


A Hard Disk, the rigid magnetic disk that stores all the data, is also popularly known as a Hard drive or Fixed disk. It also acts as the heart of the desktop or laptop. When the hard disk is not showing up or not detected in the windows, we know how it feels. That is […]

Devices like Hard drives, SD memory cards, USB flash are easy to use. These devices have been made to make our work easier and store data safely. However, HDD fails to detect or show there can be several reasons for this; dead USB portals, issues in drive, viruses and malware, etc.

Further, in this article, we will be learning how to fix the drive when it is not detectable. Here are the top 5 effective ways to fix external hard disks given below:

1. Turn your Hard Disk on: The first and foremost step is to check your external hard drive is on. However, it is not required on the HDD in some external hard drives, but it is safer to check it. If it is still undetectable after turning on, you could have an issue with the power cable. Switch the plug or replace it. Be sure that your device is not dead.

2. Check Hard Drive management: After checking the connection and plugging it into the desktop or laptop, the next step is to check the HDD management and open the Disk Management tool. Then, press Win + X (or right-click the Start button) to open the Power User menu and select Disk Management from the list. From there, you can check the Hard Drive information and whether it is running or not.

3. Connect to another device: After checking these two steps, if your HDD is still not detectable, try connecting it with another desktop or laptop. Sometimes drives become undetectable due to failure in the functionality of desktop, laptop, or connected device. In such a situation, fix your device to avoid HDD issues.

4. Troubleshoot the device: When your drive is undetectable and doesn’t have any other device around you to check the working of your HDD, in such a situation, try troubleshooting through the Drive manager. After opening the Drive manager, click on generic mass storage and its properties. There you will see the exact reason whether it is working or not.

5. Create a new file and format the HDD: After trying all these steps discussed above, if your drive remains undetectable, create a new file or folder of your stored data and then format your hard drive. Make sure you have the backup; otherwise, it may be possible you will not get your data. If your data is lost after formatting, you should contact the data recovery service once.


We have discussed the five ways to fix the undetectable hard drive and protect it from data loss situations. However, if your hard drive remains undetectable or you feel like your drive is dead, then get in touch with professional IT experts as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a professional data recovery service, contact Techchef Data Recovery Service today to protect your data against any catastrophic situation. We will be happier to help you with your data safety. For more details, visit our official website  or call us at 1800-313-1737.

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