What are the Top 4 Types of NAS Failures that can Compromise Your Data?

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October 21, 2021


Network-attached storage or NAS has become popular among individuals and businesses because of the huge storage option. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Not limited to only large storage, remote access, streaming, and remote sharing has made the storage device more famous. However, these features cannot protect NAS from Failure or corruption caused by various factors leading to data loss.


We will show you the most common 4 NAS failure problems that you can face now or then.

1. NAS physical failure: A NAS comprising a set of hard disk drives can be affected by bad sectors, head crashes, disk platter scratches, firmware failure and so on.

Such problems indicated physical Failure of the NAS system, thereby NAS data loss.
It might need expert assistance and dedicated tools to recover the NAS system with physical Failure.

2. NAS logical failure: Logical Failures in NAS devices are introduced by malfunctioning systems, power failure, boot failure, and more.

It is the most common Failure amongst all NAS devices which might require professional assistance or may get fixed by upgrading drivers with chkdsk or other internal tools.

3. Raid failure: Nas is usually built with Raid array disks and welcomes failures that have affected the Raid array. Raid failures like controller failure, multiple raid disk failure, overwritten Raid files, registry error and more.

It would need professionals to fix the Raid problem that will require rebuilding the Raid array or configuration.

4. Human failure: Of course, one can not deny Failure due to human errors. Accidentally deleted/formatted data, system settings, configuration modifications, wrong drive partition format, and more can contribute to NAS failure.


Whether any NAS device you own, It is important to protect your valuable data from these four types of Failure. Keep a regular backup of the important files to ensure safe restoration or data recovery of your files. Get help from NAS data recovery professionals with years of expertise and tools required to fix complicated NAS failure problems.

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