What causes Data loss in Storage Tape and what is the Best Tape Data Recovery solution?

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April 13, 2021


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Tape cartridges are ideal data backup storage devices that fit perfectly in a business for backing up essential data.

The magnetic tape is preferred for its longevity and durability as it can survive for more than 30 years and have great storage capabilities in LTO, DLT and S-AIT formats.

However, being a resistant magnetic tape device, it can undergo failures that can paralyze your business.

Your entire data can be lost if any failure occurs due to various reasons causing failure in tape media storage. Though, there are tape data recovery services offering solutions to recover data effectively.

Causes of Data Loss in Storage Tape

Data tapes storage are great for backup, but the stored data can be lost due to these reasons that render your business data inaccessible and need sudden data recovery solutions.

Detrotiation in tape due to moisture, dust, or heat.
Loss of lubricant.
Distortion of tape.
Entangled Tape.
Broken tape.
Stuck tape.
Sticky shed.
Tape library failure.

What to do in storage tape failure?

If you see your storage tape is malfunctioning in any way, turn off the tape drive immediately and avoid attempting to read a data tape cartridge that can result in severe damage to the system, losing your data permanently.

Turn off the tape drive immediately
Don’t attempt DIY tape data recovery
Never touch the tape barehanded.
Report every single malfunctioning of the tape drive to a specialist.
Contact a tape data recovery service right away.

Following these measures can reduce the chances of permanent damage to data tape storage, and specialists can recover your data more effectively so that you can get your business back on track again.


Not all backup devices can survive longer; every media storage device, including tape, has a limit of tolerance for failures and damages. As a magnetic data storage, data tape can undergo severe damages due to which your essential business data can be lost. Tape data recovery services have specialized tools and labs to recover data tape with maximum recovery rates extensively.

Techchef is the Best Data Recovery choice

Be it failed or damaged tape of any format (LTO, DLT and S-AIT), Techchef recovers it all with expert solutions. We have highly qualified experts with 15+ years of excellence in recovering failed data tape with specialized tools and technology labs to recover your data efficiently. We are always ready to commit to the best services, and that’s why we offer our customers the most satisfying solutions at all cost.

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