Why is hard drive recovery so expensive?

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November 13, 2020


Getting to know that your hard drive has failed is itself a traumatic experience and over it, the hefty recovery charges associated with may leave you surprised. Data recovery is a specialized field that caters to your storage media failures and data loss situations. The price for hard drive data recovery services is usually higher […]

Due to different data loss situations and drive failure type the price for data recovery services is likely to vary hugely. These variations could make data recovery either heavy or light in your pocket. Generally, people perceive data recovery to be a high-end expense. But once you become aware of prerequisites and processes involved in data recovery, you may not feel this. Consequently, at the end of the day, the cost of losing your critical data could far outweigh the recovery expenses.

Why Data Recovery Services are High-Priced?

Data recovery is not as easy as running a software application. To salvage data from a hard drive, companies need to use expensive equipment and specialized lab facilities. They need to run several diagnostics to find out the issue with the drive. Moreover, they need to be capable to recover data from dozens of different hardware sources and issues such as device corruption, or damage due to flood and fire.

Even post repairs are carried out; the drive is cloned to restore data on a healthy hard drive. Execution of all these processes requires the use of sophisticated hardware and software as per the latest industry trend which isn’t a low-cost affair. Furthermore, here the factors that contribute to the cost of data recovery services:

1. State-of-the-art technology: Recovering data from hard drive involves the use of powerful, high quality, specialized tools, and technology. Within a short span, data recovery professionals need to perform complex procedures which are why service charges are high.

2. Recovery time: Treating physical hard drive failure with higher capacity takes hours. Still, data recovery companies make efforts to recover your data in a quick turnaround time ranging between 24 to 72 hours.

3. Specialized facilities: Opening a hard drive requires a specialized Class 100 Clean Room lab. The cleanroom environment ensures that no dust particles come in contact with your drive’s platter which could affect the drive’s data integrity. Setting up and maintaining a cleanroom environment is very expensive. Therefore, data recovery companies tend to charge higher for their services.

4. Certified Technicians: To service all kinds of hard drive failures a recovery company needs highly skilled technicians. These technicians are trained and certified to treat all kinds of media devices. These companies tend to spend significant amounts and this cost is reflected in their services.

5. Cloning Hard drive: Since hard disks are fragile and prone to damage, therefore, a recovery company first works on cloning hard drive to prevent further chances of data loss. Also, the companies maintain a temporary backup of your data for 30 after recovery. So, in case there is any problem your data is preserved.

Hence, all these factors contribute to the cost of data recovery and are justifiable for it is high-priced.

Data recovery is cheaper than paying off a ransomware hacker.

As per new research, the cost of business pay as a ransomware demand is twice as high as data recovery cost.
The study included reviews from nearly 2000 organizations whose data was stolen in a ransomware attack.
On average, organizations that paid the ransom to retrieve their data lost $1,450,000.
While organizations that resorted to data recovery spent $730,000 which was half the amount paid to ransomware attackers.

Thus, no matter how you lose data always rely on data recovery services for safe and affordable retrieval of your data. Never fall prey to ransomware groups or any other random middleman promising you cheap recovery services.

How to Save on the Cost of Data Recovery?

Now that you know how much data recovery can cost and why the price is justifiable. Still, there are some things you can manage at your end to keep charges affordable.

Don’t Use DIY Data Recovery Techniques

If you don’t want to degrade things further, do not attempt to freeze, hit, or open your hard drive. This is because doing may damage your drive and could make recovery more difficult thereby leading to increase charges. In some cases, it may also lead to permanent data loss.

Consult a Professional Data Recovery Company

Continuing to use a failed hard drive could make data recovery more complex, leading to an increase in charges and possibly reducing the chances of recovery. Even your local repair shop may not offer you safe and apt services therefore it is always best to contact a professional data recovery company.

Choosing Data Recovery Expert- Techchef Data Recovery

When dealing with hard drive failure, it is quite difficult to decide which recovery service provider is right for you. However, to help you out we have listed down some parameters that will enable you to find the right service provider.

Check the company’s reputation and available technology for treating data recovery cases.
Verify whether the company is compatible with treating your case or not.
Research company profile and its industry certifications.
Know whether the company offers dedicated 24/7 support or not.

Final Words

Now, it is clear why data recovery services are expensive and how can you make it affordable. So, if you face a data loss issue, approach a Professional Data Recovery Company immediately. Send your failed device to recovery experts without any second thought.
For all logical and physical data loss scenarios, make Techchef your one-stop choice.

Techchef can help you salvage data at economical prices without costing you a fortune. With well-equipped labs, advanced technology tools, and staffed by highly skilled engineers, Techchef is competent to treat all cases in-house. We also take pride in offering 100% data recovery success.

To start a case give us a call today at 1800-313-1737.

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