10 Common Causes of Data Loss and How Data Recovery Services Can Help

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June 19, 2023


If you are a computer user or your work is based on a computer system and are unaware of the causes of data loss then you may face data loss problems in the future. In this article, we will tell you what are the common causes of data loss, the importance of data recovery, and […]

There are 10 Common Causes of Data Loss that  any individual can face

Accidental Deletion: Hastily deletion of files is the main cause of accidental deletion, when we delete a whole bunch of files together without rechecking there can be several files that are useful to you also be deleted within. Most operating systems have a two-step process to delete data from a system. Recycle-bin provides user safeguards from accidental deletion of files issue. But if you use the command shift+delete  file will be deleted permanently. 

Malware Attack: Malware is a program file that is created for malicious purposes. They are present in various forms on the internet. While working online downloading unauthorized software can cause of virus or malware attack in your system. It can make your system slow down. This type of software can steal your data and you can face data loss problems. 

Drive Damages: The drives are used to store the data and different software. There are many types of storage devices like – Hard drives, Solid State drives, Pendrive, etc. If it falls, is pressed by some heavy thing, or comes near the source of extreme heat it can be damaged. In this situation, your first step should be to observe that is it working or not.  Just connect it to a system and check your saved data.

Drive formatted: You can format your device yourself when you want but sometimes hastily formatting storage devices can cause data loss. There is another situation where most people lose data while formatting the device that is when you connect your storage drive to the system it asked to format the drive, if you format your drive hastily there can be some important data that was stored in the drive also be lost.  If your system asked to format your drive while connected may be the reason of it is – the function of the device has malfunctioned or the space is full.

Water Damage: Keeping liquid items nearby the system is prohibited in many working places because you are surrounded by electronic items and any small mishap can be the cause of a big disaster. Individually it is very common to take a sip of tea while working on the system but if by mistake your tea spill on your storage devices after wiping delicately and drying it properly with a cotton cloth you have to connect it to the system to verify if is it working properly or not.

Power Outage: A power outage is an incident when the power goes out unexpectedly, it can affect your system if that is on at that time and not connected to UPS. Sometimes sudden power outages can cause data loss as well which happened when you don’t save your data along with working on the system.  When your system is on and faces a power outage, without any preventive power outage system it will shut -down automatically. When you reopen your system should check first whether your working page still shows or not on which you worked before the power outage.  

Partition Delete: While uploading an operating system -like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc there are options to divide your Hard disk space into multiple partitions. You can store your data in a different partition of Hard disk/SSD. This is a selected space that is made by you to keep your particular data. After a while when the space of a particular partition is full, you can not put more files in it. Then at the time of window updation, there is an option to remove the real partition before doing this make sure there are not any important data in that partition. 

File corruption: When you want to open a certain file, but it is not open, it does not accept the command or your file show as corrupt they are some common signs of file corruption. The cause of file corruption mostly is hardware problems, software issues, or human mistakes. Due to file corruption, your data can be lost.

System Crash: While working in an operating system your system suddenly stops working, the screen is unresponsive or the system freezes completely they are some common signs of a system crash. Overheating, too little data storage space, and malicious software are common causes of a system crash. Your data can be lost if the system crash.

Natural disasters: Natural disasters are dangerous for mankind similar to computer devices and data storage devices as well which are breakable, fragile, heat resisted, and dust resisted. Computer devices will be affected if it is directly getting in touch with the natural disaster. If your data storage device is not stored in a cool dry moist free, dust-free place in the time of natural disaster then your storage device can be affected and your data within it also can be affected.

Some common causes of data loss can resolve easily by the system itself or to take some preventive measures to protect your data like using registered and secure anti-malware software and keep update your device. But some time due to multiple attempts to resolve issues of data loss can cause your data loss permanently like using free software or unauthorized software for data backup. Data recovery services are very helpful when you are on the brink of data loss permanently. At that time you just have to Consult a Registered Trustworthy, Experienced Data Recovery Service Provider.

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