3 Common Types of Hard Drive Failures that your Computer can face

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August 6, 2021


A hard drive could face multiple failure and damage issues that put our sensitive data at stake. It only needs human error, power interruption, system corruption, or any hardware issue to make our data inaccessible. There are commonly three types of hard drive failure issues that we will discuss here so you can appropriately target […]

1. Hard drive is not detected: An undetectable hard drive is the most common hard drive failure issue that users suffer from, which risks their data. The culprit could be a corrupted firmware that shows that the hard drive error cannot be detected. Try to fix the issue by upgrading the firmware, or else you have no choice left other than to contact a data recovery service.

2. Operation hangs: This unusual hangs could be caused by a hard drive failure with bad sectors, which is taking time to read/write the disk. Any work you do on your PC will slow down and load if the hard drive hangs. In this case, you must avoid the chkdsk repair tool to ensure avoiding any abrupt data loss.

3. Hard disk making strange noises: You are lucky if you haven’t heard any strange noise from your computer’s HDD but if you constantly hear any grinding, clicking, or whirring noises, immediately stop using it. It is considered a chance of a mechanical issue that has damaged the hard drive. Either the motor is damaged, or the spindle head is crashing with the disk. So if you use the hard drive from this point, the greater the chances of losing your data permanently.


Creating a safe backup copy is what experts have always suggested so that whenever you experience these three types of hard drive failure, your data is still accessible to you. Be ready to contact a data recovery specialist when you fail to recover your failed hard drive. They have the most suitable tools, technologies, and skills to recover your data appropriately.

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