3 Major mistakes that lead to unrecoverable data

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February 4, 2021


Digital data storage devices nowadays are majorly utilized all over the world but with great things come great challenges. A stable yet sensitive hard drive of a laptop or computer is susceptible to many mechanical and human errors that often lead to data loss disasters. Author Divya Jain View all posts


3 major mistakes that lead to unrecoverable data


Its built is complicated that should be treated by only a specialist when damaged but people play smart and attempt recovery processes with DIY techniques. Not only unprofessional ways are dangerous to perform but also account for unrecoverable data forever.

Mistakes that people shouldn’t rely on for recovering data from a delicate hard disk

Attempted Home Recovery

Due to an attempted home data recovery, it often happens to be a big failure. Many people do not understand the ‘steady from outside yet sensitive from inside’ built of a hard drive that is susceptible to environmental changes. The disk platters inside a drive, stores all of the data that plays a vital role in maintaining an equilibrium in tiny fractions. A single offsite movement can permanently off-track the platter and destroy data spontaneously.

Opening a hard drive

Always stick to the product’s guidelines when dealing with a hard drive. a drive element is sensitive to an open environment, always leads to a disaster that should be avoided at all costs.

There is also a reason that data recovery companies invest thousands of dollars in clean rooms that are specially designed for opening a hard drive under specific conditions of temperature, pressure, and even air texture. it’s a preventative measure is to avoid opening a hard drive since opening it should only be done as a last option and only in a controlled environment.

Data Recovery Software

Cheap recovery software can be helpful in various small scale recovery operations but can be destructive in all other situations. Over 50% of hard drive failures are due to mechanical issues, and the recovery software can only worsen the problem by overwriting data onto the damaged hard drive, which is redundant to reverse the possible recovery of data.


Always avoid these common mistakes when dealing with a damaged hard drive. It’s dangerous to assume that the recovery of a failed drive can first be tried with several home remedies and recovery software programs and then sent to a professional only as a last option. Most probably, the data is going to get permanently destroyed and even a data recovery company will not be able to help you in such a worse case of irreversible recovery of data.

Make sure you avoid such common mistakes before you lose your vital data forever. The best advice is to opt for professional data recovery services that comply yourself with the most appropriate ways to retrieve your data with maximum recovery chances.

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