4 Reasons why Not Repair a Broken Hard Drive with the Freezing Trick?

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October 4, 2021


A hard drive is a sensitive storage device with moving parts inside, susceptible to various logical and physical failures. Author Divya Jain View all posts

The failure in the hard drive resulted in data loss, damaging the hard disk drive. We tend to search various “DIYs” to fix broken or damaged hard drives as a curious mind. Among which “freezing hard drives” is famous.

Here we will tell you four reasons why freezing a broken hard disk is not an ideal hard drive recovery trick.

1. Outdated fix

Nothing stays the same, not even a hard drive. The hard drive you would have seen in previous years has evolved now.

This freeze trick was used in old hard drive technologies, and the hard drives now have changed inside out that can be damaged by this outdated trick.

2. Not useful for logical failures

When a hard disk drive gets physically damaged, the freezing trick is used to move the parts. On The contrary, if you use the freezing trick on a hard drive that has been corrupted due to a logical failure, you will make the case worse.

3. Damage due to extreme conditions

Physically damaged hard drives are always considered to recover in a cleanroom. As the components like head, magnetic disk and motor are sensitive parts, freezing them can do more damage.

Extreme humidity or temperature change can severely damage the broken hard drive, increasing the risk of data loss.

4. It is not reliable

The freezing trick is not at all a reliable and permanent solution. Even if it tends to work and make the hard disk drive parts move, it will eventually affect the performance and fail.


In the end, from the above four reasons, it only concludes that freezing a hard drive to repair the physical damage is not an ideal solution. It does more damage to the physically damaged hard disk drive and increases the risk of data loss. It is always better to consult a hard drive data recovery expert and not try DIY to avoid data loss failures. Physical failures require special equipment and expertise, so ensure it is treated by a professional.

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