4 Reasons Why you are not able to open Recovered Image files

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August 3, 2021


You may get attracted to data recovery software advertisements on the internet to recover your corrupted image files. Little do you know that this attempt can sometimes fail, and you will be unable to open your recovered files. These data recovery software never promise to recover 100% of the corrupted files, resulting in incomplete data […]

1. Improper recovery process

During the image file recovery process, you must be aware of the continuous power supply. Once the process gets interrupted, it becomes difficult to open the files.

2. Poor recovery software

There are plenty of software that come at cheap prices and are not reliable. Thus, this software can result in improper file recovery. A professional photo recovery service could do far better work with up to 100% results.

3. Human error

Human mistakes are the most common errors that can contribute to the unsuccessful data recovery of your image files. For instance, deleting, modifying, changing image name or file extension would lead to an improper recovery process.

4. Faulty image view program

There are chances that the program you have launched the image with is faulty which is corrupted, or malfunctioning. Hence, the recovered image can not be opened. Try to change the default program utility or an editing application that may open the recovered file safely.


You should never rely on poor or cheap fat recovery software; it can do more harm than good. Instead, try these solutions to open the recovered image files or visit a professional photo recovery service for better results.

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