4 Ways to Factory Reset your iPhone without Data Loss

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August 24, 2021


The iPhone users sometimes find it laborious to prevent corruption and errors with the factory reset. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Factory reset is one of the best solutions for iPhone users to eliminate errors like screen freeze, disappearing and restoring photos, unsuccessful iPhone restart, and more.

The iPhone factory reset can resolve the errors in no time, but the only challenge is to run it; it can wipe the entire iPhone data. That’s why we have brought you the best four solutions to Factory reset the iPhone without data loss.

1. Reset All Settings

4 Ways to Factory Reset your iPhone without Data Loss

When you want to prevent iPhone errors with Factory reset without compromising your valuable data, try to reset all settings. Go to Settings> General> choose “Reset”> Select “Reset All Settings.”

2. Erase your iPhone after data Backup

The iCloud is the most useful data backup option for iPhone users. With the help of iCloud, you can safely store your important files and folders, and Factory reset your iPhone without losing any data. Go to settings and Tap “Erase All Contents and Settings.” At last select “Erase iPhone” to Factory reset the device.

3. Recover data with iTunes

Another backup option other than iCloud is iTunes that you can utilize to recover iPhone data. Once the backup is complete, you can Factory reset the iPhone to prevent errors and issues.

4. Use a reliable iPhone Reset tool

If you want to Factory reset your iPhone without losing its data, you can utilize some tools also. Make sure you are using a reliable tool that Factory reset your iPhone without data loss. Any unreliable tool can do more harm than good, leading to data loss.


It is always wise to backup iPhone data in iCloud or iTunes before processing to Factory reset. Also, a safe backup will always let you access data whenever you face any errors or problems in your iPhone. Contact an iPhone data recovery specialist to recover your iPhone data that has unexpectedly been erased or lost.

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