5 Data Loss Problems with CCTV or DVR

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April 17, 2021


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With the rise in crimes in recent decades, CCTV has become an important part of everyone’s lives.

Be it a company, school, hospital, shop, or house, surveillance is needed everywhere, and that’s why security cameras play major roles to protect your premises from criminals.

Keeping an eye on everywhere around you becomes crucial when it comes to overlooking a misfortune that happened.

Security cameras might become a superhero that can save people from crimes but losing footage can be a more adverse situation and disheartening too.

The good news is, there are several professional CCTV data recovery specialists but before that, go through these five common CCTV data loss problems that you can trigger on time and save someone from misfortunes.

1. Unstable power

The insufficient power supply is one of the common reasons for video signal loss. Power outage is a result of no power or unstable power to the camera to record video. There can be many reasons contributing to it.

  • Loose cables
  • Faulty power cables
  • POE switches not working properly.

2. Electric spike

One of the worst reasons for losing your crucial data can be a power or electrical spike that has caused vertical lines, or black screen or serious damage to the camera’s circuit board or other sensitive components.

Power spikes tend to occur when you mount a camera on a conductive surface or lightning strikes on the camera.

3. Weak wifi connection

A network interruption in wifi results in low internet bandwidth of the signals, failing to connect to the camera.

The unstable network connection can be caused by a distant wifi router from the camera or a physical barrier between the router and the device, or interference in the wifi signal.

4. Firmware issues

The hardware of a firmware issue in the DVR or the surveillance camera could cause big issues even when you have double-checked every other problem.

A hardware or firmware issue can be complex to resolve on your own. It is much technical and needs professional data recovery specialists to recover the hardware problems with specialized tools.

5. Signal corruption

It seems like everything is fine, but the video is missing the DVR. Why? It may be because the video loss is due to the system that cannot decode the video stream, which may be of a different manufacturer or brand.

Reasons like no compatibility between DVR and camera, higher or lower decoding system than camera quality or an older CCTV can potentially contribute to the issue.


You won’t wish to lose your valuable videos out of the CCTV/DVR as 24/7 surveillance is a must. CCTV/DVR data recovery service providers can potentially recover your lost footage or videos that are crucial for you no matter the reason. They have specialized tools and technologies to recover data from complicated video loss problems and give you maximum recovery rates.

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