5 Effective Solutions When A Hard Drive is Not Mounted on Mac

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December 3, 2021


A Mac hard drive is accessible only when mounted on a Mac, but when a hard drive fails to mount, there can be complications like an unbootable device and inaccessible data. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Here we share five problems and their solutions when the internal hard drive cannot mount on the Mac system.

1. Failure in a disk partition

In Mac, a disk utility tool is used to format or create hard drive partitions. When some issue occurs in the drive partition, the process can fail.

Making the drive unable to mount on the Mac system. Use “First Aid” to repair disk utility on Mac.

2. Virus attack

One of the major problems while mounting the hard drive in Mac is caused by a virus or malware attack. Use a reliable antivirus and scan the disk to block the viruses.

3. Damaged file system

Once the file system of a Mac hard drive is damaged, it won’t be able to store any data. This way, the Mac would not mount on the device. You can have a professional MacBook data recovery to resolve this issue.

4. System crash

When a Mac operating system malfunctions, it is not likely to mount a hard drive. To access Mac again, reset the NVRAM, which is used to store quick access settings. Reboot Mac and hold command +option + P + R keys.

5. Corrupted catalog file

The catalog file in the Mac system is liable to store record files of partitioned volumes in a hard drive.

Once the catalog file is corrupted, the chances are that Mac will be unable to mount the hard drive. Quit fsck_hfs on Mac startup and try to mount the disk again.


Following these five solutions, you can get rid of the problems due to the unmount hard drive on the Mac system. Always have an updated backup drive to never suffer data loss.

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