5 Tips for Cloning Data from a Large Hard Drive to a Small one

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September 10, 2021


Making disk image or hard disk cloning to prevent data loss in your computer can be a lifesaver sometimes. Before performing data recovery on your computer, making a disk clone can protect your hard drive from further damages. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Cloning from one hard drive to another hard drive with the same storage capacity is convenient. However, cloning a large hard drive to a small hard disk drive could be a tedious task.

Here are five tips that you can attempt while cloning from a large hard disk to a small one effectively to make the task easier.

Eliminate useless applications, data and software: Removing unnecessary or useless data from the hard disk will make the cloning process faster and more convenient. Not only this, you can clean the extra space needed to clone the hard disk to the source hard drive.

Create data backup: Data backup is a crucial step when preparing for disk cloning. To avoid any data loss during the hard disk cloning process, data backup comes to the rescue. With a backup, you have access to your original data when it is lost.

Use defragmentation tool on the small hard disk (source disk): Performing defrag on the source hard disk will get you better performance before the disk cloning process. Your files will be stored more optimistically and organized.

Reduce source drive partition: To clone the original disk to the small source disk, you must adjust the source drive partition. By shrinking the source disk partition, likewise the original disk partition, disk cloning will go more smoothly.

Clone partitions individually: It would be better to clone the source disk to the targeted disk one by one than cloning the entire disk.


Hard disk cloning has always been a reliable step before performing hard disk data recovery. Now that you know how you can clone a large disk to a smaller one, the success rate will significantly rise, and you will achieve the result.

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