6 Important Things you need to Learn for Effective Raid Data Recovery

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October 11, 2021


Raid systems with multiple configurations are widely used for redundancy, optimization and faster performance for data storage. Author Divya Jain View all posts

A raid system comprises multiple hard disks combined in one logical unit to provide large data storage. Many businesses and enterprises praise Raid for such features, but unfortunately, it is prone to failures.

However, raid data recovery is possible, performed by professionals with specialized tools and expertise.

Raid failure can cause data loss or data corruption any time the array disks fail to function. Here are six vital things in Raid you must learn that are important for Raid data recovery.


1. Raid level

Multiple Raid types or raid levels are built with different configurations and work on different principles, which is why it is important to know your Raid type for effective and accurate raid system recovery.

2. Disk order in Raid array

It is the most important part of recovering the Raid system from knowing the disk order in the array. Also, labeling them accordingly should be done in the first place. By this, you will never lose the correct disk order and configuration required during the recovery process.

3. Block size

The block size of the raid array is as important as its configuration. It represents the data in the sector or kilobytes which is needed for the Raid recovery process.

4. Number of failed disks

Once you know the number of disks in the array, you would also need to know the number of disks that have failed.

5. Raid failure causes or type

You must need to know what has caused failure in your Raid system to find the solution to recover lost data effectively. Either it can be a physical failure or a logical failure in the raid system, which you must examine before the Raid server recovery starts.


Without this important information about the raid system, you can not carry out an effective and accurate recovery of your Raid array. As Raid systems are susceptible to failures because of multiple factors, an updated data backup can be a great source to access lost data due to raid failure.

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