6 Pros and Cons of Backup Data Encryption to know if it is Right for you

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October 7, 2021


Everyone is aware of the rise in data breaches and security threats in recent years. Thus, people are more looking into encrypting their important files and valuable data. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Data encryption is one of the most secure ways to keep attackers and hackers from a data breach. However, taking data security in mind, some users also think of encrypting backup data but are unaware of its consequences.

Here are the pros and cons of encrypting backup data to know if it is suitable for data security.


1. Keep others access your data

When you encrypt backup data, it becomes only accessible to you which can’t be used or accessed by anyone. Even if the backup is stolen, no thief will be able to reach your personal files.

2. Safety of your valuable data

With backup data encryption, you will always be ensured that your backup files are safe and protected from any data breach


3. Safety on cloud

When you backup your data on cloud storage, there’s always a doubt about data security in cloud service. By encrypting backup data, you will be worry-free of unauthorized access.

4. Control over files

If you are taking cloud services, the cloud service provider will be able to control your backup. So, encrypting backup data is a better idea to prevent others from watching your personal files and accessing them.


5. Inaccessible data due to forgotten password

Encryption might be good for you and not for others, but luck can turn bad anytime you forget the key. What if you don’t save any password anywhere or fail to remember it? The files will become inaccessible for you as well.

6. Backup recovery is hard

As all storage devices are prone to certain failures that lead to data loss, likewise backup data can be corrupted or lost. So, when backup data gets corrupted, and you need to recover backup data, it will be much harder with encryption.


Backup data encryption has its goods and drawbacks, and you need to be careful when enabling encryption in the backup files. A strategic plan will always help you better engage with your encrypted backup files, keeping away attackers and cybercriminals from accessing your data. Though backup files can be corrupted as well, at that time, contact a professional data recovery specialist to help you retrieve your files.

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