6 Solutions When You Are Unable to Create a Recovery Drive

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November 30, 2021


Many factors could cause computer system crash. But fortunately, windows provide many inbuilt backup features, one of which is a “recovery drive” and can come in handy to restore the system. Author Divya Jain View all posts

However, sometimes you can fail to create a recovery drive due to insufficient space, programs running in the background, corrupted file system, and more.

Try these six effective solutions to create a recovery drive.


Free up disk space: Insufficient disk space results in recovery drive failure. Check for free space or clean up some files before creating the recovery drive in the system.

Clean destination drive with chkdsk: A malfunctioning drive would never let you create the recovery drive. Check for the errors with the chkdsk tool and repair them.

Look for corrupted system file and repair them: Corrupted system files could be one of the culprits of failure in creating a recovery drive. Launch SFC or system file checker when this scenario happens and repair the files.

Enable RE in windows: When RE is disabled, you would not be able to make a recovery drive in the system. Enable windows RE and then create the drive. You can do this by running “cmd” and inputting “regentc/info” and finally hitting enter.

Run clean boot: Clean boot in the system will ensure no additional programs are running in the background while creating the drive. In simple terms, create a recovery drive when the computer is in a clean boot state.

Create recovery drive in another drive: If the problems persist in the destination drive, try to create the recovery drive in another destination drive.


Trying these six solutions, you can get rid of failures while creating a recovery drive and making backup for your system. You can also resort to a hard drive recovery specialist if you think the problem is complicated.

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