Best 5 Useful Tips to Avoid Data Loss on MacBook

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February 19, 2022


Data loss is a situation where one feels vulnerable. Data is one such important part of our lives these days. We are very familiar with this situation, and we understand as well. Here in this article, you will know what to do to prevent data loss from the MacBook. Read the entire article below: Author […]

Sometimes your MacBook keeps shutting while you are working, and immediately shutting down causes loss of data you are working on. Sometimes data loss occurs due to disk failure. The sudden failure of a disk or sudden shutdown results in data loss. Do not panic! We are here to guide you in this article.

Know the best five valuable tips to avoid data loss on MacBook below:

1. Abrupt Shutdown

This abrupt shutdown of the MacBook is quite a common reason for data loss. It happens due to multiple reasons :

Physical damage of storage
Logical damage of storage
MacBook corrupted
Inaccessible MacOS
Errors due to third party softwares
Repeated viruses and malware attack

There are many other reasons also, but these are primarily common problems faced by most MacBook users. We are fortunate that different methods are available to fix the shutting down issue. They are given below:

Keep the anti-virus up-to-date
Uninstall malware from MacOS, if any.
Use Disk Utility to fix logical errors.
Frequent checking of the disk can prevent data loss.
Most importantly, keep the backup available to prevent any data loss situation.

2. Accidental deletion

It has been seen that accidental deletion of files and folders without realizing its importance is another primary concern for data loss. The deleted data is saved in the iCloud for the next 30 days, and if the user does not recover the data for 30 days, it can be deleted permanently. Here the ways are given below to recover your data :

When deleting the data, immediately press the ctrl+Z command to reverse the deleted data.
If ctrl+Z didn’t work, then check your data in iCloud.
If the data is deleted from iCloud, also take professional advice to prevent any catastrophic situation in the future.

3. Virus and malware attacks:

Constant virus and malware attack destroys the device, resulting in a data loss situation. The virus can potentially destroy your device, or in worse scenarios, your data become inaccessible. Therefore, it is vital to keep the anti-virus updated to prevent data loss.

4. Hard disk damage:

When you suspect any hard disk issue take action immediately or replace it. Drives can damage the device, and data become inaccessible on your desktop or laptop. In addition, sometimes physical and logical damage of drives may lead to internal damage of some other parts. Therefore, frequent checking of drives is essential to prevent disastrous situations.

5. Liquid spill and calamities :

Humans are not infallible. So liquid spill can occur, and further, it damages the system. If necessary action is not taken quickly, it may corrode the device internally. Hence, it leads to data loss.

Other calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones or anything cause damage to data, or it may become impossible to recover your data. Keeping backup available is always a safer option to not face such situations. Otherwise, you must go for professional data recovery.


In this article, you have read about the causes and precautions for data loss on MacBook. If any such situation arises, do not panic because recovery options are available. For professional help, Techchef data recovery is here to provide you with the best suitable recovery solution. We have recovered thousands of data successfully, even in complex situations. To get our best services, connect with us today, visit our official website  or call us at 1800–313–1737

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