How to protect yourself from ransomware attack?

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February 18, 2018


Methods to protect yourself from a ransomware attack

Ransomware is a kind of attack by hackers taking control of your PC, Server and then demanding for payment. Hackers send some malicious software to the victims’ machine which further encrypts the data stored on the victim’s systems. Businesses and individuals both are suffering from such unwanted attacks. Hackers then demand huge ransom from the victims to decrypt the encrypted information.

Some ways to protect yourself from such attacks:

Back up your data:

It is the best protection against the ransomware. You should take a regular back up of your precious data and the best way to take it on any storage that is not exposed to an internet connection. Companies often take back up on external servers that won’t get affected even if their main network is affected.

Emails, websites, apps and downloads are major source:

For any hackers to attack the system is to download the malicious software on the victims’ system and then launch that software to attack and encrypt data. The most common way for the same is phishing emails, malicious advertisement on websites or any doubtful apps or programs. Be cautious when opening unsolicited emails or visiting unfamiliar websites. Never download any unverified programs or applications.

Use antivirus:

Antivirus scans the program and monitors the attack of any such malicious software. It can also block the secret installation of any such software’s. It also blocks the malicious adverts when you are browsing any website.

Install updates:

Install updates of operating systems and antivirus as they regularly keep on updating the software to fix the vulnerability to the install ransomware. It is advisable to keep your system updated with the new version of the software.

Never pay the ransom:

Cybercriminals have become the pirates of the modern age, holding businesses to ransom to release their data and systems from the attack and to recover their all-important customer data. Never pay ransom to such criminals, it encourages them and never guarantee the decryption of data even after making payment. There are some experts that can help you to get back your data or you may restore it from the backup.

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