C-type Pen Drive Data Loss and Best Data Recovery Solutions

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April 15, 2021


With the next-gen technology, the new and advanced C-type pen drives are introduced by many renowned brands like SanDisk, Western Digital, HP and more which is faster in everything. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Be it performance, moving or sharing files, accessing files, etc., all features are tremendous over an ordinary pen drive. Yes, but it’s susceptible to failures due to human, electrical or port error that can drag you in catastrophic data loss situations. You can opt for many pen drive data recovery solutions to retrieve your personal or confidential data back before it gets permanently deleted.

C-type Pen Drive Data Loss causes

Many reasons are contributing to your c-type pen drive failure that renders your valuable data inaccessible

Incorrect ejection from devices
Power failure
File catalog corruption
Reformatting USB data
Malware attack
OS malfunctioning

How to recover your C-type pen drive data

Fortunately, there are pen drive data recovery solutions that can help you to get out of data loss catastrophes and safely recover your inaccessible data

Backup: Accessing your data from a backup is the most convenient and pocket-friendly solution that frees you from any trouble. If you have invested enough time to back your precious data, you did it right; You can access data from the cloud storage selectively or from another device where you synced your data manually.

Pen drive data recovery tool: You can find third-party software to recover inaccessible files from the pen drive by simply mounting it on a laptop or computer in which you will run the software program. However, there are some exceptions from data recovery software or tools.

Overwrite data on installing
Not for physically damaged pen drives
Technical and complex
Security thefts
Limited features
No 100% recovery guarantee

Pen drive data recovery services: Specialists who offer professional recovery services can successfully retrieve your pen drive from any complicated case. They have dedicated tools and high tech equipment that only they access. The specialists also offer maximum recovery success rates as they immensely trained experts to recover data from complex data loss problems.


When you find out your c-type pen drive is not working and has failed, immediately stop using the drive. Continued usage of a failed pen drive can cause overwritten data which can not reverse data loss. It is best to report the experts’ problems and get the most appropriate solutions to get back your data safely.

Techchef is an expert data recovery company

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