Can a “disk cleanup” Tool cause Data Loss?

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July 21, 2022


As the name suggests, the disk cleanup tool is an in-built tool of Windows utilized to clean up unnecessary space occupied in the Hard drive. This tool is highly effective in cleaning up old compressed files, recycle bin, downloading programs, and making extra storage. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Is it Safe to Use a Disk Cleanup Tool?

The Cleanup tool is safe if we consider using it. Before the process, the cleanup tool always asks users to check the useless files and need to be removed by providing a list of files. It also provides default files that are suggested to be deleted to remove crucial files for you manually.

Risks Associated with Disk Cleanup Tool

Apart from the safety issue, there are few risks associated with cleanup tools you need to look after.

Windows ESD installation files

When you launch the disk cleanup tool, you may see “windows ESD installation files” in the “files to delete” list. Cleaning up these files will clean great storage from the hard drive, but it can corrupt the system. These files are essential for resetting Windows, and cleaning up these files prevents you from resetting the PC.

Failure due to slow computer performance

Considering the status of the computer, a slow PC with sluggish performance can cause failure during the cleanup process. In addition, it can cause corruption in the PC leading to data loss.

Not checking to recycle bin

When you ignore files left in the recycle bin, it can cause data loss of your important files while performing storage cleanup with the disk cleanup tool. Ensure that the recycle bin is left with useless files you need to remove to avoid unexpected data loss.


Concluding all the points, it is clear that you need to utilize the tool with care. It can turn out to be good and bad, depending upon your usage. Be cautious while you check the “file to delete” list and uncheck the crucial files. An up-to-date backup can save you from inevitable data loss, which is an effective solution to prevent data loss.

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