Can Data Be Recovered on a Raid 5 Disk?

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August 27, 2020


Since the inception of RAID occurred, it has refined the storage system and manage to store ample of data for businesses. The concept of this technology isn’t too complicated, but it looks like one. A RAID array is a mixture of many different physical hard disks which together form a used RAID architecture and one […]

The RAID architecture is responsible for the distribution of data over all the different disks, as RAID is merely a single disk to that of the operating system. Even though this is an advanced technology that comes with various benefits and advantages. There are challenges that even a certain protection mechanism fails to protect against data loss.

Data Loss can be challenging.

The loss of data can be due to various reasons like the physical failure of more than one hard disk, or the technology isn’t quite sufficient. Therefore, many people face the difficulty of data loss although the system comes with advances mechanism and in this scenario, it is best to prepare and protect yourself from data loss. While using RAID array, data recovery is possible, but before that, it is also crucial to consider the importance of data backup.

How a Backup can save you from Future Loss?

Whether a system gets failed or a data loss event occurs due to it, the importance of data backup will be known only when you face such scenarios. Having the backup of your current data ready will be one smart way to stay one step ahead. Also, there are many vendors of the big, medium, and small high-end storage system which is based on RAID. They sell the system as a sort of a physical backup, but this is not true, you can consider it as the option of storing ample data, but a backup is always a great idea.

Regardless of the type or level you choose, not having a backup will make you regret later. Also, if it occurs to be a massive RAID 5 failure, the data presented in it will be lost completely. If you keep an up to date backup of your current data, you won’t have to face a situation like this at all. It is the best tool to secure and provide ample storage and its best that you make a smart backup of it too.

Why Choose the Right RAID configuration?

Since there are different RAID configuration that has varied redundancies to prevent and protect from data loss. You should put yourself ahead of the challenge a prepare a good design of the storage plan. Such a plan should support your data and data loss prevention too. Single drivers are bound to fail at some point in time and assuming if it ever happens, considering it as the RAID 5, the faulty driver gets replaceable easily. Plus, one can also consider the data storage map that can be rebuilt with all the data regained and zero data loss.

If you have ample of data, RAID 5 is the best option that you have picked. Having more than one drive is always better when it comes to storing ample of data and information. But at some point, of time, there are chances where the drive failure exceeds the limit of redundancy capacity. In such a scenario, you cannot do it all by yourself and a professional data recovery expert is needing to be involved.

Is It Great to rebuild a system where more than 1 drive failed?

There are possibilities where you face more than 1 drive failure in your RAID 5. Take for example a case where 2 drives have failed in the RAID 5 based system. It doesn’t make a sense that you replace one drive which has failed and run a rebuild. You will most likely have to face a severe data loss because of it.

The rebuild is the rebuild of RAID array as a whole. The operation of rebuilding takes a bit of time, and the possibility of recovering your data is high. This is because it is an ideal way to do so, but it comes with its challenges. If during the rebuild process, a complication arises or procedure fails anyhow, chances are you will have to handle additional damage. The execution of rebuild comes with a risk and it shouldn’t be ignored at all.

What are the Possible Causes of Data Loss in RAID 5?

Virus Can severely Impact:

Although the RAID servers, each of them is well secured and protected with proper, stronger, and potential antivirus software and program. There are possibilities wherein the attack can occur through a malicious code and it can get too intense causing RAID system to fail big time and thus occurring severe data loss. Even if you have implemented secure ways of handling the virus, the chances are still 50% and which shouldn’t be neglected. Technology comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Human is prone to making mistakes:

This has been and will always be the most common cause of data loss in the history of data loss in computers and other devices. For instance, you were about to delete something else, but accidentally deleted or formatted the drive. There are cases of partition deletion and formatting or overwriting issues. The incorrect reinstallation has also been one reason for data loss and accidental configuration of RAIF partition happens unknowingly but impacts badly.

Constant Power Failure:

Electrical power issues have become one of the leading causes of system failure. Imagine, if you are working on your drive and there are power cuts for about 3 to 4 times constantly, this will have an impact on your RAID 5 system miserably. Hence, in a scenario like this, failure in the RAID 5 system is very common resulting in data loss. Specific steps, advanced techniques are required to restore the lost data and the information to be gained back.

Natural Disaster is unpredictable:

Water is fire is a common reason under natural disaster that precisely destroy the entire device miserably. Floods, storms, explosions are very common and become a factor for RAID 5 to get destroyed badly. The reason can affect the hardware and software of the component both at the same time. Rebuilding of the drive simple means the reconstructing of all the file systems through techniques and solutions. It cannot be done without expert help, as they are advanced and knowledgeable in this field. Knowing everything that is required to gain back and restore the data lost due to a failed RAID 5 System.

Recover Data from RAID 5 with the Help of a Software.

The main thing that can help your data be protected for a long time is the backup of all the current data and keeping it updated. But if you don’t have a backup, your chances of losing the data is pretty serious which requires you to use the software under such circumstances. Using the specialized software meant to recover the data from RAID 5, you can restore all the information without having to worry about anything.

If there is any problem that you have encountered while using RAID 5, with the help of the software for recovery, you can access all the information and get your RAID 5 back to working in no time. This software allows users to store the information, save it and transfer to a new location so a backup is guaranteed made.

Always Be Prepared for a System Failure.

It is no hidden that technology can sometimes ditch us too. The advancement of technology has led to a lot of complications that we can’t handle. All the hard drives and components used in it have a different expiry and manufacturing date. Thus, the chances of losing their life are very common and any of the parts can break down. The end of life of all components works vividly which means you have to be prepared for the worst before itself.

If one hard drive in the RAID 5 fails, don’t forget to replace it with a new one. But, if more than one fails, you cannot do it as you did before replacing it. Keep a track of your hard drive used in RAID 5 and ensure that you know how long will it work?  For a business to continue and plan systematically, it is best to accept the worst and be prepared ahead of time. This way if the problem occurs, you are already prepared and planned of how you can do it.

Tips to Rebuild a RAID 5 and ensure a Data loss.

Here is what you are recommended to follow before you rebuild your RAID 5 array:

Do not try to create a new RAID 5 array on your old drive as this will spoil your plan completely. All the previous data will be destroyed along with your RAID 5 new that wouldn’t work.

Also, consider the images as they are important. Before you plan to rebuild your RAID 5 array, create a proper and systematic RAID structure image and backup all the data on a separate volume.

These actions that you take have better chances of securing your RAID data properly.

Being confident is good, but being overconfident can result in bad loss and damages. It is better to be on a safer side to secure your backup of data twice. Otherwise, the file system will be fixed and delete or re corrupt all the data that is present on the disc.

Make sure you consider different physical spaces are occupied for different backup and not at the same place.

Don’t Attempt on your Own If you don’t know.

There are scenarios where people who have enough knowledge of the tech world tend to handle the complication of data loss on their own. However, not everyone can do it because it requires skills and understanding of the RAID 5 concept. This is a very complex matter which if you fail to give importance to a single process, can badly destroy and affect the entire functioning.

If you don’t have enough knowledge for running the program, or how to get your system running again. Or if you don’t know the procedure or steps to recover the data from RAID 5 through the software. You don’t have to worry about how to access the data loss, it is best to contact the professionals and seek help from them.

Techchef can help you Recover Data from RAID 5 Disk.

The more efficient is the storage system, the more complex it is to understand it. It becomes a bit of a challenge to recover your data once a loss has occurred. It is not just the RAID array, but it involves several technologies including the system. With advanced technologies, the failure in such a system can be miserable, causing no hope but professional service to be approached. If you are not sure you have the right skillset and experience, you should seek advice from Techchef. We are the leading data recovery and data sanitization solution provider.

Techchef Knows the Advanced RAID 5 disk recovery.

Losing your valuable data isn’t something that you can relax about, it is something that can be the biggest nightmare of yours. In situations like these, you need not have to fight for getting your data back. With us, you can get your data right on time and your system will again work fine just the way you want. Your issues will be resolved in no time and you will be provided will appropriate instruction as to how you can take care of your data for further use.

Our data engineers will keep you updated and use advanced, upgraded tools and techniques for data recovery. You can trust and contact us for securing your confidential data without having to worry about anything. We will ensure to get your data recovered and keep your information confidential.

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