Can the data of a broken hard drive be recovered?

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April 6, 2020


Hard drives are an essential piece of hardware that provides us the basis for computing. Technically, these are referred to as hard disk drives (HDD) and comprise of platters or spinning disks to facilitate information storage. Author Divya Jain View all posts

The hard drives are quite robust but several scenarios may result in drive failure with serious consequences. However, among all drive failures causes damage to recording surfaces is accounted to hold the greatest share. About 70 percent of failures occur because of damage due to device breakage. A physical shock, falling over, being hit or dropped may lead to serious device damage. Especially, the shock can result in the breaking of platters or a head crash.

The data loss due to such instances can be a traumatic experience. It can affect the routine of people reliant on the digital lifestyle. Therefore, to further get an insight into different aspects of media damage and data recovery let’s plunge through the information below:

Possible Symptoms of a Damaged Hard Disk

There are certain visible signs that may indicate the breakage in media. By observing for these you can predict future problems and secure your data using appropriate measures. Mentioned below are some of the common symptoms for hard drive damage:

Strange Noises: If your hard disk makes a strange sound of clicking or whirring then it indicates media damage. It is the high time to get your device diagnosed while restricting its further use.

Multiple computer Failures: If your computer often displays a blue screen of death or restarts booting at the initial stage then it is likely that your hard disk drive been damaged.

Disappearing of data: If suddenly data from your system disappears or your PC is not able to save further documents then it implies that your drive is attempting to fix certain damages. Therefore, it is worth saving your data on some other device. This is because if your system comes to a complete halt there are chances of severe consequences.

System Slowdown: Since modern computers feature speedy processing they shouldn’t take long in accessing folders or removing files. If unexpectedly your system processes slow down and affect computer performance then it rules out the possibility of hard disk breakage.

So, if you come across any such situation seek professional help immediately. As complete device failure is liable to lead permanent data loss it is critical to take immediate action. To make you aware of things that aid in increasing the chances of your device data recovery mentioned below a few tips to consider.

Tips to Increase Success of Your Hard Drive Recovery

Stop using the HDD: If you encounter your system behaving strangely turn it off immediately and avoid further usage till the disk gets repaired.

Handle Disk Carefully: Hard disk drives are delicate, especially if it’s a broken one. Therefore, they need to be handled carefully like a precision machine to avoid further damage.

Do not attempt to repair on your own: Never try repairing broken media on your own as this may elevate the issue and lead to permanent loss.

A warning: 

Hard drives have sensitive hardware which on attempting to open without prior knowledge or pulling it out of its casing may deteriorate its condition. Any DIY device repair effort may render your files unrecoverable and cause irreversible damage.

In such instances, professional services from a trusted source such as Techchef are critical to ensure full data recovery. Techchef specialists have both experience and expertise in retrieving data from broken hard drives. No matter what the cause of drive damage is, the recovery engineers from Techchef can help you get back your complete data.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Process

Data recovery from broken hard drives requires a special environment. It needs professional care while handling recovery. That’s where advanced facilities from Techchef prove to be effective. The company offers ISO certified cleanrooms and has the latest tools and equipment for device diagnosis. Moreover, the Techchef specialists use a non-destructive procedure involving sector by sector cloning of drive. This process prevents damage to the device without affecting its original state. At Techchef you can avail safe, secure, and reliable data recovery services for broken hard drives of all makes and models.

Thus, when you have Techchef professionals by your side data recovery for broken hard drives is definitely possible.

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