Data Loss causes in MS Outlook and Data Recovery

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July 21, 2022


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Talking about the IT industry, communicating and leveraging communication in a more convenient way, Microsoft Office introduced Outlook, a virtual mail software to communicate in a workspace or a professional environment.
It’s a comfortable e-communication software program for fluent notes sending/receiving, creating schedules, entering appointments, etc.
The downside of it can lose your data, ruining your workflow caused by human, mechanical or electrical errors. Preventing these causes can prevent data loss catastrophes and save your time investment in data recovery services.

Causes of Data Loss in MS Outlook

Outlook files are saved as PST files, and if these get affected by a failure or damage in the system, this can render PST files lost. To prevent any data loss in Outlook, you can learn these causes to ensure your PST files are secured.

1. Deleted files: One of the most common human errors can be counted as accidental file deletion or removal from the system. These accidentally deleted files can be restored unless the files are not removed from the recycle bin folder of Microsoft windows.

2. Virus attack: Virus or malware attack can poorly affect the Outlook PST files by infecting them and rendering your office files or emails inaccessible to you. The situation can tense you when your office projects are lined up, and the information you need can’t be accessed until possible data recovery is performed.

3. Power outage: An unstable power supply or power outage can be disturbing as it can lose your PST files while you transfer or receive emails. This can be fixed with an uninterrupted Power supply (USP) connected to your system, or consider contacting an Outlook data recovery specialist.

4. Improper system shut down: Can you count the times when you shut down your laptop or computer by just hitting down the lid on the keyboard or directly turn off the switch without actually turning off the system? This can do serious damage to your system and increase the chances of data loss, including the Outlook PST files.

5. PST files size larger than PST size limit: Other than the physical system errors, MS outlook can undergo corruption while you transfer files larger than the PST files size limit. There is a certain limit of Outlook PST files, i.e. of 20 GB, as a default limit provided by Microsoft. Transferring larger files than 20GB in Outlook can corrupt the program resulting in data loss.

 Final words

Like all the other hardware or softwares, failures and corruption can also occur in MS Outlook, leading to sudden data loss of PST files. Many Outlook data recovery software offer tools to recover valuable PST files, but it can also be a reason for data loss by overwriting data that reduces the recovery chances. Contact a data recovery specialist specialized in PST files recovery to make your workflow hassle-free.

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