Techchef have a risk free, secure and safe solution for you.

We have a risk free, secure and safe solution which you can put your trust on.

 With the Internet being the only medium of business these days, storing of data is usually done on computer hard drive. Being relied upon hard drives, there could be various issues that led to your data loss. This could be because if the internal or external HDD being formatted, deleted, attacked by a virus or got any physical damage. Hard drive recovery has become of utmost importance, especially in the business & corporate world where data is an asset. Hard drive over time can have several issues due to improper handling or electronic issues. This requires immediate attention or lose you are soon going to lose all your valuable data. 


At Techchef, we provide 100% safe and secure recovery, be it any reason that your hard drive stopped functioning. With various companies of hard drive growing, be it WD, Seagate, Toshiba or Samsung, we assure you to handle any type of branded drives. There are various recovery solutions and techniques that we follow to provide you results on time.

Techchef Data Recovery Process

We follow a standard process and try to stick to it. This allows us to provide uniformity to 
our customers and deliver the results on time.
  • Media pick up at your doorsteps
  • Our in-house engineers will assist your media 
  • Cleanroom environment recovery process
  • Data retrieving is done through online & offline
  • Payment only if we provide you with the data recovery
  • Data shall be soon delivered at your doorstep

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We proudly speak about our achievements through customer satisfaction reviews. Being an ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 9001 Certified company, we have got all the new high-tech tools and technologies to recover your data. We have a risk free, secure and safe solution which you can put your trust on. The in-lab data recovery process allows no outsider to intrude in our privacy, and thus we ensure data security is to the maximum. Our tech experts know what a data loss can do to a business and individual life, and we use such a method that has got a 100% recovery possibility.

Quality Before Anything at Techchef

  • Satisfactory customer testimonial
  • 15+ year serving clients for data recovery of any type
  • Round the clock support 
  • Expert team to handle your case
  • Risk-free evaluation
  • Free media pick up and drop 
  • In lab clean room data recovery 
  • Free media analysis

Most Trusted Data Retrieval Company

If you have lost your data due to any given reason, be it virus attack, formatting or deletion. You should stop using the hard drive immediately and give it in the safe hands of a professional. Techchef takes the responsibility to heal the wounds of your Hard drive if its broken or damaged. We know how worse conditions can be brought back to normal with expert hands that know which technology can be used for your complications. Our 100% data recovery guarantee is enough for you to strengthen trust and support us. We only expect trust from our clients, which motivates us to deliver high-quality satisfaction.

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