Does formatting removes viruses from the computer?

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September 22, 2020


Running a formatting process on your computer may seem to be an effective way of getting rid of the persistent virus or any other form of malware. Running a reset or formatting will most probably destroy all the data that is stored in your computer’s hard drive. Author Kajal Aswal View all posts

But the most complex task to understand and learn is whether there is any possibility of removing the virus that is present in it? Viruses are majorly affecting the seamless function and smooth operation of a PC. With this, you might get worried and want to know whether resetting or formatting can make any difference or not? Let’s learn what actually happens when you format and computer, and why formatting is needed!

Is formatting a solution or not?

Typically, you don’t really require any formatting of your hard drive in order to get rid of the virus present in it. As long as you have an Anti-virus program installed and up to date, it can immediately access the defect and clear it away completely. If you still suspect that your computer is infected by a virus and the Anti-virus software is unable to detect the problem, there is no better way but to erase the hard drive to eliminate the further risks and damage of malware.

How does a computer get infected with a virus?

You may be wondering how your computer caught up with a stubborn virus that is not ready to be erased from your hard drive. These sorts of viruses get their position in your computer easily and through many possible ways.

1.Accepting without knowing what’s written

Often a box pops up on the screen that says accept or reject and there are few things written, this occurs especially when you are downloading files. Users don’t give importance to read it and accept it spontaneously causing problems ahead. This has a greater potential to let the window gets infected with the virus that is accepted to enter by your mistake. You mostly take prompt action when installing or updating a program. You are often asked if you require any additional software and you say yes without knowing what repercussion it may cause. This is where you permit the virus to enter your drive causing damage.

2.Infected software downloaded

When you download any software through the Internet, make sure you know they are from a reliable source, if not, you are letting a malware take over your information stored in the device. Be sure you run the download through your Anti-virus program installed as it will protect you from all the viruses that are about to enter your device. During the installation phase, the best way is to read all prompts about the program and scan upon completion too.

3.E-mail attachment is risky

As a general rule of awareness, never open an attachment in your email that is received from a suspicious device. Your computer can be possessed with a risky malware or virus that may enter as soon as you open an attachment that has malicious code. Even if the sender is a known person, do not risk your computer and always be cautious before opening any link, downloads, or attachment.

4.Unknown Links are Dangerous

In today’s tech-friendly world, almost anyone can create their website and start their business, which is basically a great deal to humanity, growth, intelligence, and creativity. But, with this amount of intelligence and technicality, there are enough ways to misuse and make the other person suffer miserably. As anyone can create a website, you may not be aware that the website holds the chance of letting the virus or malware enter your device. This malicious website holds a strong chance to read your files, computer, and even transfer suspicious files to your device. They can also intrude in your privacy, read and download your sensitive information so it is better to be cautious and beware before opening any link.

Running formatting:

Running formatting or factory reset will erase all the data present on the hard drive. It will make sure the computer is back to its initial capabilities and the operation system, storage is yet protected well. In order to run a factory, reset, you can simply go on to the setting and remove everything that is present on your computer. You can choose the option fully clean the drive, and most likely all the data along with the virus will be removed or erased from the hard drive.

There are chances where your system is caught up with too many errors and virus problems.

This problem is taken to the next step as to why it is important for any computer owner to think about formatting.

Viruses are mostly entered from files that are infected or corrupted and they are definitely holding the capacity to be transferred and spread out in numbers.

These viruses will corrupt your data and definitely make it difficult for you to use and open your files, access your computer, and turn your system slower as well.

You will notice your system will reduce efficiency and because they take a lot of space and from your device, thus, reducing the operating time of the computer.

Why Formatting is done?

In case your computer is running slower than usual, it is a sign that your computer is caught up with some error that requires assistance.

Upgrading your current operating system is one of the prominent reasons why formatting is crucial and needed.

You might want to buy or make use of the upgraded version of the operating system; you wish to see improved results of your OS and therefore you perform the formatting.

Fixing an error that is not removed by any possible way and you have tried tested many software, tools, and measures to get rid of it.

Your hard drive seems to be running short of space, it is completely full and you have no ways to store other important data in it.

You are noticing an unusual blackout as soon as you start your computer, this is a sign of a defect that is not letting you operate or kick start your device.

Few Viruses Won’t escape the Resets:

Formatting doesn’t typically remove the infected files that are stored or have made a home in your device. Viruses have the potential to return back to your computer even though you have made solid formatting of your hard drive. The backup storage device must be scanned fully to make sure there is no form of virus or software in their presence that can cause infection again.

Make Sure data backup is checked thoroughly.

These data backup hold the ability to bring in with themselves the virus yet again which is a sign that can trouble you by injecting a virus into your computer. Some of the very rare viruses still hold the chance to find a way and get into your computer even after the formatting is done. If your data is analyzed and checked and if it’s clean and virus free, there will be no possible way for the virus to enter yet again after formatting.

Boot Sector Virus:

The bootkit is basically one very stubborn sort of malware that seems to be a challenge to remove or erase from the system. The virus has the potential to infect the hard drive miserably and also modifies the information that is stored in the computer when it loads in the operating system. This way, the malware not only affects or interferes with the boot process, but the possibility of it is extended to affecting the storage device which is connected to your PC/Laptop. Boot kits won’t seem to be a very common sort of malware as it was in the earlier time but they were primarily targeting the device and affecting the overall functionality.

“Google Play apps promised freebies but user got malware instead”

Google has officially removed 56 Android applications from its official Google play store that was considered as a part of fraud ads. The fraud was named as Terracotta, which was discovered by White Ops, which is a security firm that identifies bot related behaviours.

There was an app uploaded by them on Google play store that claimed to be provided free perks if it was installed. The app offered shoes, boots, tickets, vouchers, sneakers, and other expensive products which were only to lure users to download it. Once installed, the user needed to wait for 2 weeks to get the reward but instead, they were rewarded with harmful malware in their mobile device.

The gang also launched the same in the modified WebView browser and performed fraud there as well by loading the fake ad and then getting revenue out of it.

It was proven by the White Ops team that they telecasted about 3 billion ads inside the 65000 mobile devices alone, imagine how realistic the fake malware fraud looked like.urce

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