Top 7 Dos and Don’ts to consider when you get hit by Corrupted Data

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July 21, 2022


There is no denying that computer files could get corrupted when some logical failure occurs to the system. Experiencing data corruption when working on your files can be a terrible experience. However, you can perform recovery of a corrupted file with a third-party tool at your place. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

You also need to know that these data recovery software or third-party tools may not be as successful as those from a data recovery specialist. If you are already a pro in retrieving files on your own, you should go for it or else; you shouldn’t choose the DIY recovery because it can extend the damage in your file.
We have brought you seven dos and don’ts when you experience data corruption to prevent permanent data loss by analyzing the problems.


1. Don’t attempt any DIY recovery on the corrupted drive

You may be patientless to restore corrupted data, but attempting any Do-It-Yourself recovery on the original drive might be more harmful. It doesn’t provide you with a 100% success rate, and thus you need expertise before doing anything with your corrupted files.

2. Avoid using inbuilt tools to recover corrupted files

Users with little knowledge may use internal tools offered by Windows. When there is any fault in the hard drive or a logical issue, users may utilize the “chkdsk” tool to recover corrupted files. You must know that this tool can extend the damage instead of recovering the corrupted file.

3. Do not panic

Panicking might make the situation more messed up and complicated. You need to be calm when you are suffering from data corruption. Your panic may make you do things in a muddle and do more harm than good.


4. Look for a recent backup

Creating an updated backup can give you access to your files at any time. Whether your files are lost or data corrupted, data backup can help you in fast data recovery at any time. With updated backup, you can never run out of accessible data.

5. Clone the corrupted drive partition

Imagining the drive partition to a new disk can give a huge relief when you’re suffering from laptop data corruption. This step will ensure that your data will no longer be damaged when you clone it in a sector level image file. This makes the file recovery process easy.

6. Connect with experts

When you have put in all the efforts, and the results are fruitless, then contacting a data recovery specialist will be the only effective solution. They are experienced in resolving any complicated data loss problem and offer effective solutions with higher success rates than any DIY data recovery software.


So now that you know the dos and don’ts when experiencing data corruption, you may achieve a higher recovery success rate. Also, to make your data accessible to you always, keep an updated backup with you, so you don’t have to be empty-handed when your computer files get corrupted.

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