Techchef Data Recovery Solutions on its way to become “Future Ready”, Data Recovery Company in India by 2025.

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September 11, 2022


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Recently on 9th September, 2022 at Taj Hotel, Bengaluru, Techchef Data Recovery Solutions has been invited in HYBRID CLOUDS SUMMIT & CIO SELECT AWARDS 2022, where the CIO of Techchef Data Recovery Solutions – Mr. Rakesh Kumar has been felicitated and awarded with CIO Award 2022.

Talking about the journey of Techchef in the last few years, the journey wasn’t free of challenges and obstacles especially during the COVID Pandemic. But the heads of the company have always remained positive and worked hard to provide resolution as fast as possible.

In the event, the CIO said that, “The Company is less focused on gaining profits rather the company has always emphasised on strengthening the Data Recovery Services for a resilient IT industry in India. Our goal is to emerge as a reliable and trusted partner in India for Data Recovery from any complicated scenarios.”

Techchef systematically building a framework and a strategy that has clearly outlined our goals to become a “Future Ready” Data Recovery Solution in India. Massive boost to Data reliability has put us into a situation to save the crucial data and recover the data from any complex situation. In Spite of challenges, to strengthen the Digital World with Recovery our mission is going on rapidly, to complete the recovery process as fast as possible which is vital for exponentially increasing IT industry.

The IT industry in India has travelled a long way. We in 2016 have started our journey and over these years we are rigorously working on Data Recovery available to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata and planning to expand everywhere in India. Today we are in a position to add more value to the Indian IT industry with our Services. We are looking forward to our target to become an advanced Data Recovery Services provider by 2025.

The company has always worked under government compliances and boundaries. On 26th May 2022, the ministry of IT released the draft of National data Governance Framework Policy, which is under finalisation. We are looking forward to Data Governance Policy and work accordingly within the rules and guidelines given by the government and to achieve our desired target within given parameters.

Note: All the informations presented above are correct and was given by the CIO of Techchef Data Recovery Company, Rakesh kumar, in honour of receiving CIO Award 2022.


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