5 tips to Secure your Cloud Data

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July 21, 2022


Being an advanced data storage technology, cloud storage is not 100% secure, making the data vulnerable to many security threats. The offsite data storage option, cloud services, comes as a great help to store data backup securely, but here are the six tips to keep them more secure than ever. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

1. Local data backup

Creating a local data backup is as important as storing all of your data backup in cloud storage. With such tremendous popularity gaining, cloud services have become among the best storage options, but as it’s not 100% safe, you have to put a little effort into protecting your sensitive data. For a local data backup, you can choose an external hard drive that works great as a second option.

2. Avoid storing any sensitive data

Sensitive data is what attackers always look for, and when it’s available on the internet, their tasks become more manageable. So as cloud storage doesn’t have complete privacy on the internet, don’t put your precious data at stake by storing it on cloud storage. It is best to keep only the common files without any personal information to safeguard them from scammers. But if uploading sensitive data on the cloud is urgent, enable encryption to keep an eye on its security.

3. Cloud service with encryption

Encryption is the best way to protect your crucial cloud data from being stolen, attacked, or accessed by any unauthorized user. It’s best to look for cloud services that come with a data encryption option, even when the file is uploading or downloading.

4. Encrypt data before uploading a file

It is, of course, possible to encrypt a file or data before uploading it to the cloud storage. If you cannot afford such cloud service with encryption features, use any third-party encryption tool to encrypt your file before uploading it to the cloud storage.

5. Strong passwords is the key

Deploy yourself in charting strong passwords that no one can crack other than you. Avoid employing any easy passwords or setting the same password for all the other accounts that could be broken within seconds.


You must always be prepared for any unauthorized activity online that may disturb the security of your cloud data. Beware of any security threat and safeguard your data following these five tips.

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