Hard Disk Data Recovery is Possible – Here’s How to Get Back Your Files

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September 15, 2020


You are probably looking at a file icon that has a question mark sign on it. Or you are probably spammed with messages that say hard drive failed. Maybe you have accidentally deleted something, and now realized it was very important to you. What are you going to do during such mishaps? And if you […]

Our hard drive is undoubtedly the most essential part of the computer. It doesn’t matter if we rely on our internal storage or external hard drive. Because in the end, the formatting of your device probably deletes all the pictures, files, and other important stuff. You may have noticed a very weird click sound from your hard drive and it is one signal to the hard drive is crashed.

How to know that your hard drive is causing a problem?

The strange noise or click sound coming again and again.
Your computer is getting crashed.
There are multiple notifications of disc error or disc loss, failed.
Data loss is frequently occurring even if you are not deleting any files.
The computer is unable to find or recognize a hard drive although it is still there.

Why Data loss scenario occurs?

Several instances lead to data loss and hard drive failure. Typically, one can lose their data due to physical damage was done and can gain it back with the data recovery process. Data loss can be accidental, wherein you have deleted it by mistake.

Or it can be due to natural disasters like flooding or any other reason which crashed your device. There are ample of other reasons like device failure due to exposure of too much heat, or water. Other reasons like device crashing, virus, hacking, and power failure mat result in data loss.

In a situation like these, you are worried and simply do not have any idea as to how to get through such a mess? Probably this is the first time you have caught up into a situation like this with no ray of hope. This is why the rise and demand of data recovery service providers came into existence. It is such a firm that handles business or personal data loss issues through tools, software, and machines systematically.

Formatted or Reformatted data recovery option.

Sometime you might accidentally delete your data or format the disk only to learn that you have deleted the data due to the formatting. This situation is very common especially when you face hard drive failure or crash which makes your accessibility to the device challenging.

Thus, when a scenario like this occurs, your computer requests you to format your drive, to use it properly yet again. So, with no knowledge, people often format the drive and later find themselves into a big mishap.

As long as your drive isn’t overwritten, getting back the data from the drive you have formatted is simple and easy. It doesn’t become a challenge and still holds a 50% chance of retrieving the information stored in it back to life.

What to do when your files get deleted from the hard drive?

This is the most common question that you ask when you find yourself in a situation like this. As soon as your data gets lost, here is what you should do:

Stop using your hard drive and do not perform anything which may lead to making the situation much worse. The more you use your drive, the more it gets entangled and all messed up.

If it is an external disc, you can simply unmount the disc from the system and then connect the disc back until you have a recovery plan ready with you.

You can make use of a data recovery tool or software. If you believe you are not a good tech-friendly person, reaching to a professional data recovery company can be the best idea. They will use the right tool and techniques to get your information back.

If the data stored is in the internal drive, you should not use the device at all. Any new operations that you perform like downloading a file, saving something, browsing and installing, the chances are your data can become trapped in it and impossible to recover.

Once you get back the data you have lost, you must immediately store it in some other files and folder on any other drive. Maintain the storage and backup of the data as a must, also a copy can be maintained if time and space permits.

You can repair your hard drive by using a software or third-party tool. This way you get a better opportunity of getting your hard drive back on the track.

Some Tips to Avoid Data Loss from Hard Drive.

1.Stop overusing the device

If you hear any strange noise or click noise from your hard drive. This is a signal that your hard drive is about to get crashed and unsupported in no time. This is a request that you do not perform any further functioning of the hard drive. To fix the situation, you make it worse than before.

2. Antivirus Software

To keep your device away from malware and other hacking or suspicious devices. The best way to keep your device protected is the antivirus software all set to make your time with the device healthy and safe.

This virus can spoil your hard drive, crash your device, and delete all your important files in no time. An attack on your computer can simply break all hopes of getting your data back to you which might be very crucial.

3. Backup is essential

We have always heard the statement “be double sure” and why does it stand to be so important? If you are double sure, you are assured to be protected and the problems won’t occur to you. This is because you have already planned and handled the situation with care. Thus, backing up your files is the best way to make your time with the device happy.

If you have a backup of the data stored on the internet like Google drive, cloud storage. You can access it anytime you want without being in trouble. So even if you use it, you will be assured to get the data back from the internet. Backup is not a new term and it is a very advanced or modern approach to saving your data, so follow that.

4. Troubleshooting and Diagnosing

So, your hard drive is not working and you have no clue how to move further with the prices? You might have to run through a professional data recovery service provider to diagnose the condition of the problem. Once the evaluation of your hard drive is done, only then you can be able to move ahead with the recovery process.

In this stage, the condition and the impact of your hard drive are known and you will be informed about it. This is the stage where the problem is identified and ways to rectify it will be discussed.

The best way is to pass your drive through the troubleshooting process and learn your problem. Only then you will understand whether the impact is very severe or normal. And this way pricing also for the service will be determined and informed to you. You will then gain a perspective of whether you can afford a data recovery service provider or no? ‘

Techchef Data Recovery Service Provider:

It feels simply disheartening to learn that you have lost your crucial data. Something that you value the most if lost just doesn’t make one feel alright and therefore we find ways and means to get it back. You are nervous which leads to doing a thing which may turn the matter much worse.

It is best that you stay calm and do not touch your device or do anything on it. Your simple browsing or downloading your files can overwrite on the hard drive leading to permanent data loss. Reaching out to a professional, well mannered, well advanced and highly skilled data recovery company is the best solution.

Our 100% success rate for Data Recovery.

Techchef has been in the business for data recovery for a very long time. We know how to handle a complex hard drive failure and data loss. Our firm has come across a varied customer with normal to complex sorts of problems. This has made our experience and learning more and more advance and vast. We ensure that the best software is used to making your recovery rate a success. Our efforts at Techchef will be maximum data recovery so you are happy with the service we provide. If you wish to get your data in safe hands, you can rely on the service as we use a clean room environment to retrieve the data and get it back to you in no time.

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