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Know: Top 3 Ways to Recover Files From fat32 File System

Losing data is highly frustrating; we know the feeling very well. That's why we come up with recovery solutions. Data recovery solution is what we are committed to. This article will surely guide you to recover your file from the…

Posted on March 21, 2022

Why Do-It-Yourself data recovery is a big NO!?

Data loss is heart-wrenching when you find out that it has happened to you. You might not have invited it on your own but it's an unwelcome guest that has hit inside your device or hard disk.

Posted on November 27, 2020

How much does HDD recovery cost?

A hard drive is an important component of your computer system. It holds a lot of valuable data. As such, it is needless to say that any damage to your hard disk drive may put you into a panic situation.…

Posted on October 20, 2020

Do Data Recovery companies look at your files?

Have you accidentally deleted the files and you are wondering how to get it back? Imagine,

Posted on October 5, 2020

Hard Disk Data Recovery is Possible – Here’s How to Get Back Your Files

You are probably looking at a file icon that has a question mark sign on it. Or you are probably spammed with messages that say hard drive failed. Maybe you have accidentally deleted something, and now realized it was very…

Posted on September 15, 2020

How long does a hard drive last? Find out here!

Every one of us owns a hard drive. It is an essential device that serves multiple purposes. Whether it’s your personal data, study material, or office information, a hard disk can accommodate everything. Without a hard drive, thinking about data…

Posted on July 21, 2020

Handy Tips to Recover Data From Permanently Damaged Hard Drive

No matter what, hard drives are an indispensable solution for data storage needs. Whether you use them as internal storage or external storage hard drives find in numerous applications in our day to day life. But just like other items…

Posted on June 24, 2020

Recover Data From External Hard Drive That Isn’t Detected

External hard drives make our life easier. They prove to be very beneficial for data backup or data transfer. But just like other storage devices, these mechanical storages are also susceptive to damages and device corruption issues. 

Posted on June 19, 2020

What is Data Recovery and how it Works? 

Gone are the days when physical documents used to serve the purpose of data storage. Technological advancements have led to the debut of digital storage devices. Whether in the corporate realm, government establishments, or for personal uses, everyone today prefers…

Posted on June 16, 2020

How Techchef can help you in External Hard Drive Recovery?

External hard drives offer you great convenience with huge data storage capabilities. They allow a seamless sharing and storage of files with the ease of portability. But just like your other disk-based storage media, they are also vulnerable to data…

Posted on February 21, 2020

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