Hardware Raid vs Software Raid: which suits you the best?

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September 21, 2021


Most users are leaning towards the Raid array system to set up their business’ storage. Raid redundancy always ensures that the working throughout the array is operational after the failure of a redundant disk, protecting from data loss catastrophes. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Although users willing to set up a raid system always get confused between hardware raid and software raid.

Here we are about to discuss the demerits and merits of hardware raid setup and software raid setup so that you choose the suitable raid system at the end.

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Hardware raid


Hardware raid is easy to set up, with a menu-driven controller to guide you through setting up the Raid. However, automatic setup options are also available.
Failed hard disk easily replaceable.


Hardware raids are more expensive to set up than software raids.
Comes with rigid changes in raid permissions. Different Raid controllers permit different users.
Monitoring and performance status can be done with a specific software provided by the vendor.
Only compatible Raid controllers can be replaced with the failed raid controller. With an incompatible Raid controller, the system fails to operate.

Software raid


Independent of hardware vendors. The software raid is operated with the operating system.
Monitoring software is easy to operate. Because of this, all performance statuses can be checked on all servers.
It is a cost-effective setup compared to hardware setup as it is an operating system based setup.
Independent of reconfiguration of Raid controllers.


Replacing the failed disk is complex in virtual or software Raid as you need to stop all operations from starting the process.
Work performance is dependent on the CPU performance as the raid system is dependent upon the operating system.
You will need to integrate Raid build into the installation process of the Raid system, which is a bit of a complex step.


Taking both setups into consideration, you can set up the raid system accordingly. Although, both raid systems are susceptible to failures and damages despite the redundancy. Make sure you prepare a local backup of the crucial data and files to avoid data loss catastrophes.

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