How Head Crash can make Data Recovery a Tedious Task

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June 14, 2021


It could be daunting to see our data inaccessible when we are between our project work or something important. If you are experiencing data loss due to the damage to your laptop hard drive, then it could be a tedious task to retrieve your data Author Divya Jain View all posts

Yes, a little damage to the laptop HDD can lead to severe problems and render your essential data inaccessible, which can or can not be recovered, depending on the extent of the damage.

A Head crash is serious major damage to the hard disks that is sensitive to recovery and could result in a make or a break situation.

What is a Head Crash?

One of the most sensitive hard disk damage, a head crash, can occur when the read/write head comes in contact with its rotating platter, permanently damaging its magnetic data. The head slice rings the shape while the disk spins, making the stored data inaccessible.

How to find the Symptoms of a Head Crash?

Well, when your data is gone, you only know that there is some failure that has occurred that lost your data, but what type of damage or failure could it be? When a hard disk undergoes a head crash, it makes strange sounds which could be a symptom of head crash damage.

What type of sounds head crashed hard disk makes:


What are the Causes of Head Crashes?

A hard disk consists of sensitive components that can undergo physical trauma. Here are some of the reasons that contribute to hard drive head crashes.

Accidental drop or jerk
Several years of usage
Dust or smoke particles
Heat or water damage
Natural disasters

What to do when you Detect a Head Crash?

When listening to the strange buzzing or grinding sounds that your laptop or PC hard drive is making, immediately get up and copy all the essential data to a backup storage device. After data backup, shutdown the device and plug it off from the power supply.

Using your system during a head crash is not a risk worth taking. This can render your valuable data inaccessible without any warning signs. Continuous usage will only lead to permanently losing your data that a data recovery specialist couldn’t recover.

It is best to deliver your damaged media to a professional as they have sufficient tools, advanced technologies and qualified skills to recover data from a physically damaged hard drive.


As a storage device, the hard disk is sensitive, so be very cautious when you detect any clicking or whirling like strange noises. Immediately contact a data recovery specialty so that you can retrieve your data in specialized and appropriate ways.

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