How much does HDD recovery cost?

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October 20, 2020


A hard drive is an important component of your computer system. It holds a lot of valuable data. As such, it is needless to say that any damage to your hard disk drive may put you into a panic situation. But fortunately, under most circumstances, there is a possibility of retrieving lost data from HDD. […]

However, one common thing that concerns people is – “How much does data recovery cost?” Often users are hesitant with data recovery charges. Even before they set out to search for a reliable data recovery company they look for associated charges for hard drive recovery. 

Is there any fix estimate for HDD recovery?

From simple to complex data loss scenarios, data recovery charges are subject to vary immensely. The approximate simple recovery charge starting from Rs 2,500, the HDD drive data retrieval cost can go higher depending on the complexity of the situation. The cause of data loss, drive volume, and several other factors affect data recovery charges. The severity of damage the drive has suffered will determine the amount of work a professional needs to put into to retrieve data from it. Therefore, when it comes to hard drive data recovery cost quoting a flat- rate doesn’t pan out.

Read along to find how much data recovery can cost and why it varies. Data loss can happen due to two major reasons. Before we proceed to stipulate exact charges for data recovery, it is important to analyze prominent causes of data loss.

Basically, there are two general causes for data loss, the first one is a logical failure and another one is a physical failure.

Logical failures include software issues that occur due to accidental deletions, incorrect formatting, drive re-partitioning, or any type of malware corruption.

Physical failure includes mechanical disk damages such as spindle motor problems, deterioration of moving parts, or even a fuse problem.

The mechanical damages attract higher charges because of the increased complexity and time involved in addressing component failures. Besides, opening a hard drive needs a controlled environment such as a Class 100 Cleanroom and professional equipment which altogether make the data recovery for hardware failure costlier.

Furthermore, given below are the parameters that a professional data recovery company uses to estimate the data recovery service fee:

Type of Hard Disk Drive: Different devices use different types of hard drives. A PC may have a different drive than the one used on servers. Additionally, there are external hard disk drives that connect through the USB interface and RAID server. Thus, depending on their specific type size and interface, hard drives have distinct recovery costs.

Severity and Problem Type: The hard drive data recovery cost varies with the complexity of the data loss situation. As discussed above, data retrieval from a mechanically failed drive is more complex and needs more days for recovery. Alternatively, logical failures can be treated quickly using specialized software. In addition to this, an ageing drive may fall prey to both physical and logical failure which may take quite a long time for data retrieval.

The Storage Capacity: The more is the hard drive capacity; the professionals need to put in more effort for data retrieval. Therefore, data recovery cost increases with drive capacity.

Tampered Hard Drive: If you attempt to tamper a hard drive by any means then its recovery price is likely to more than the standard price. This is because it affects your drive’s configuration and could lead to more complications.

Turnaround Time: Hard drive data recovery charges also vary as per your requested turnaround time. If you have immediate data retrieval need then the cost for it would be higher.

By considering all these parameters a trusted data recovery company will provide you fair cost evaluation for your particular data loss situation. 

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