How to fix corrupted SD Card and Recover Data?

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May 28, 2022


The technology advancement has enabled us to store our data securely in SDs. You must know that SDs are efficient and reliable storage devices. It is widely preferable these days because of its performance. However, it can break down due to mechanical or logical reasons. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

In the article ahead, we will be discussing how to fix SD and restore data from it. Just like every problem has a solution, so this problem also has. Read the entire article and know the solution.

The Secure Digital (SD) card can store an immense amount of storage and it depends on its storage size. It can connect and store data from DSLRs, Phones, Laptop, tablet, Digital Cameras and portable devices. But as we said above it can break down, hence we will share with you the top three reasons for SD failure failure below:

1. Human error: Most common type of error that can cause data loss. As humans are not free from mistakes and problems from the mistakes are bound to happen. Therefore, you need to be cautious while connecting your SD card to any device.

2. Virus and malware: You must be aware of the Virus and malware attack. To protect your data from virus attack you need to have antivirus protection and keep it updated all the time. That’s how you can save your important data from viruses and malware.

3. Logical failure: Another major cause of SD breakdown is logical failure. Sometimes due to extensive use of SDs, like 4-5yeras of working, it can become vulnerable and it can easily break down. Hence. In such situation either replace it or look for expert help to secure your data.

Although, recovery experts are always there to help you out in any complicated situation. But there are few steps which can be helpful to protect your data. These are the ways given below.

Always keep your backup option available. No matter such situation arise or not.
Keep your antivirus updated all the time.
Keep clearing unnecessary files and folders from your SD card. Keep it clean.
Be extra cautious while connecting it to any device. Make sure the device doesn’t have a virus.
Download Disk Drill and restore data from it.

Conclusion :

Having said that, now it is all up to you to choose appropriate action for your SD. Since every case is different, you may not know the severity of it. In difficult situations rather than taking risk of losing data, contact with is to ensure your data security.

Techchef Data Recovery Solutions have experience of over 6years in recovery of data from any complicated scenario. To connect with the company or know more about us, click on the official website link or call us at 1800-313-1737. We will be happy to help you out safely and securely.

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