How to Recover files from a Crashed Computer?

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February 15, 2021


A crashed computer system could be the worst nightmare for most computer users that have saved essential data in it. The chances are your hard drive is failed or corrupted or maybe intruded on by any virus or other system intruder. Author Divya Jain View all posts

People who keep a regular backup of their important files are lucky enough in data loss situations. Still, people who miss on backing up data are worst affected during a failed computer hard drive. The real challenge is experienced by users when they search for data recovery solutions to where and how to recover data.

The Reason behind Computer Crashed Hard Drive

There are plenty of reason that could list for hard drive failure or computer system crash

Accidentally deleted files
Formatted partition
Encrypted files
Corrupted system
Power surge
Fluid spill on system
Natural disaster- fire, flood, etc
Accidental drop

Best Solution for Hard Drive Data Recovery

Dealing with hard drive failure renders data inaccessible stored in it. IT industries introduced the world to data recovery software that can retrieve lost data with ease.
There are many pros as well as cons of using a data recovery tool or utility.


User friendly
Low cost
Fast process


No guarantee recovery of all data
Not for novice
Overwrite data
Security threats (open-source)
Extra charges for premium features
Not all data is scanned
Not useful for mechanical failure

Other than data recovery tools, the best yet most reliable choice for your hard drive data recovery is to go for a specialist that can recover your precious data with a higher recovery success rate. The data recovery process might be expensive compared to software or utilities, but your critical data will be in safe hands for other worthy reasons.

A data recovery company or specialist is the best choice

Years of experience
Maximum satisfied customers
Equipped with advanced tools
Quality technology
Cleanroom labs
Expert data analysis
Minimum Turnaround time
The maximum recovery success rate

The professional data recovery service company is worth spending money on to have all the necessary approaches to resolve any complicated data loss problems. Whether its a logical or physical failure, your crashed computer hard drive can be best treated by hard drive data recovery experts.


A hard disk failure could be heartbreak for users who go through crashed computer or data loss problems. You might find yourself lucky enough if you are already updating the backup of your necessary data regularly. If not, rush to a data recovery company that can offer you various solutions for your hard drive failure and ensure your hard drive data recovery’s maximum success rates.

Why Techchef is a reliable choice?

Techchef data recovery is the most trusted and reviewed company that has served more than 20000+ satisfied customers in 8000+ pin codes all over India. Our qualified and highly trained professional with more than 15+ years of experience intensively work on your data loss problems and deliver you the best solutions for your failed hard drive. We have modern cleanroom labs in our infrastructure to treat any mechanically failed hard drive cases to assure you up to 100% recovery success guaranteed.

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