Incremental vs Differential Backup: Know which one the best for you

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July 21, 2022


Now that all users are aware of data loss problems, data backups bring light to recover data. There are plenty of options for creating data backup, but there is always a better option. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Preventing data loss is the most beneficial thing one could always have, and backup options such as incremental and differential data give plenty of choices.

Here are the differences between incremental and differential data from which you can opt for the best backup data option for you.

Incremental backup data: Incremental backup files are the copies of the files that are last changed during the last backup run. It mainly shows the last modified data compared with the latest created data. Files that are changed will be backed up only. Therefore, it costs you less time and more copies of files in a smaller amount of data.

Differential Backup data: There are few similarities between differential and incremental data the first time. Differential will copy all the data from the previous backup, but it will copy all the data changed from the last backup whenever you run it. Thus, it stores more data than an incremental backup. It takes more time and space than incremental data.


Based on the above differences, you can choose the most suitable backup type according to your purpose. However, they will at least protect you from any data loss catastrophes.

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