Know: Top 3 Ways to Recover Files From fat32 File System

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March 21, 2022


Losing data is highly frustrating; we know the feeling very well. That’s why we come up with recovery solutions. Data recovery solution is what we are committed to. This article will surely guide you to recover your file from the FAT32 file system. Read the entire below and secure your data. Let’s proceed further. Author […]

In this article, we will be covering the following topics about FAT32 File System that given below:

What is the FAT32 File System?
What are the reasons for Data loss in the FAT32 file system?
What are the ways to recover the FAT32 file system?

What is the FAT32 File System?

Microsoft introduced a file system and named it File Allocation Table (FAT) and the numerals based on its bit-size used, like – FAT32. There are several FAT systems available in the market introduced by Microsoft. The oldest file systems are FAT8, followed by FAT12, FAT16, FAT32. The older version has become an obsolete model, but the FAT32 file system has been profoundly available in USB flash drives, SD cards, and sometimes hard drives.

What are the reasons for Data loss in the FAT32 file system?

Before we discuss the ways to recover data from the file system, let us understand the reasons for data loss. Data loss is a very unfortunate and critical situation. However, if we know the precautions and take them beforehand, we can prevent the vulnerable situation. Here are the reasons are given below:

Accidentally formatting is the most common reason that has been found for data loss on FAT32 or any file system.
Transferring files from one device to another can corrupt the data since FAT32 is old and easy to break.
Physical damage due to power outages.
Abrupt shut down the working of FAT or improper removal.
Virus and malware attacks can damage the file too.

What are the ways to recover the FAT32 file system?

We have discussed the reason for FAT file system failures. Further in this article, we will know the top three effective ways to recover the data. If you are susceptible to any data corruption or breakdown of the FAT file system, act quickly to protect your file from permanent deletion. Here is the quick guide to recovery:

1. Recovery through Disk Drill:

First, downloading and installing the Disk Drill in windows allows you to access your HD data or recover it. Know the steps how to recover data using disk drill given below:

Download and Install Disk Drill on your Windows.
If your hard drive is external, connect your Hard Drive with the Disk Drill.
After installing it, click on the ‘search for lost data which will appear on the bottom of the right side of the screen.
Preview the files and folders you desire to recover.
Now start the recovery procedure by clicking the ‘Recover’ button given below:

2. Recovery through external devices:

Though it is always safer to have a backup available, you already have the backup whenever such a situation arises. Otherwise, when you detect any problem with your FAT file system, either fix the problem immediately or save the backup on an external device. Additionally, if the situation is critical, you can also prefer expert advice to prevent any catastrophic situation.

3. Recovery through CHKDSK:

If you try to recover through the CHKDSK command in Windows, then you must keep these things in mind:
First, connect your drive with the FAT32 file system to your desktop or laptop
Now type cmd in the search bar and hit Enter. And open the command.
After that, Run it as Administrator. Right-click on the cmd.exe
After following these steps, type chkdsk followed by the drive and then start the recovery of the FAT32 file system.

However, you must know that the CHKDSK command might have also worked sometimes, but it is not proven to be the most effective recovery method always. Furthermore, in some complex cases, it has been found that using the CHKDSK command results in permanent data loss. So to prevent such a situation, you need to understand the severity of your file system and connect with IT experts for better resolution.

Conclusion :

Having discussed all the three effective methods to protect your FAT32 file system. Keep these in mind while recovering your file to prevent any catastrophic situation in the future. And most preferably, in complicated cases, get in touch with a data recovery service to get the best solution. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy data recovery service, then Techchef data recovery solutions ensure your data protection. For more details and queries, Visit our official website or Request a call back at 1800-313-1737.

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