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January 20, 2021


The data recovery process has evolved in recent years in the view of data loss problems due to various human errors, mechanical errors, electrical issues, or deletion in storage devices. Author Divya Jain View all posts

A data recovery process involves the recovery of information from digital media that’s not accessible due to the various user or mechanical errors.
You can save your critical data by simply contacting a certified company that covers your all data loss problems with appropriate and effective solutions.
Techchef data recovery is one of the reliable companies that have over a decade of experience in recovering data for various media storage devices like HDDs, SSDs, RAID, servers, and many others. We prioritize our customers’ data loss problems and aim to come out with the best expert solutions for a broad range of media storage devices. Our qualified engineers immensely work on the problems and ensure to deliver the customers with up to 100% recovery success rate.

What Techchef offers to its customers?

Techchef believes in giving customers complete peace of mind by offering them reliable services that are not offered by other companies.
These are the benefits offered by Techchef only

15+ years of experience in data recovery services
Up to 100% success rate
Highest data security
Certified with ISO 27001:2013 & 9001:2015
Data privacy assurance
20000+ satisfied customers
8000+ pin codes/ areas
No data no charge policy
Professional data analysis
Expert tools and techniques
Modern cleanroom labs
Free consultation

Services offered to many data storage devices

Techchef offers recovery solutions to a broad range of data storage devices
Hard disk drive
Solid-state drive
Pen drive
Ransomware affected data
SD memory card
USB Flash drives

Techchef data recovery process

Your precious is safe in our experts’ hands as we prioritize your data privacy in the first place and protect it from data security threats at any cost.
Your data goes through the following stages during a data recovery process.

1. Media pickup: Your media device package is pickup by our delivery personnel from your place or source address.

2. Expert media analysis: Our experts diagnose and access the extent of damage to your storage device.

3. Data recovery: The treatment of your media device starts from this stage with our specialists with dedicated tools and techniques in cleanroom labs.

4. Data verification: Your data is verified according to your preference of online or offline mode.

5. Payment: We offer No data, No charge service in case of no data found after data analysis. We ask for payments only if our customer is satisfied with the successful results.

6.Data delivery: Your device shall be delivered in another media at your doorstep by our delivery personnel.

Why choose our service?

Techchef is the #1 company in India for the most trusted data recovery services that has been serving over 20000+ satisfied customers since 2016. With a wide range of data recovery services offered by our specialists, we assure you a 100% recovery success guaranteed.
Our highly skilled engineers have over 15+ years of experience that keep your data loss problems in high priority and implement all appropriate measures to take out effective solutions to render access of your crucial data back to you. We at Techchef promise our customers’ data privacy at any cost to give them a complete peace of mind.
Certified with ISO 27001:2013 & 9001:2015 that provides policies and procedures for systematically managing sensitive data.
Contact us at 9811852101 to enquire about any queries regarding your storage device data loss problems and visit us at to learn more about our services.
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