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July 21, 2022


You might be a person who only knows about the use and throwing it into the garbage. Well, if you have done this with your digital devices, especially hard drives, then be ready to get some data security troubles. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Gone are the days when only throwing things was the end of it, but it’s not with hard drives. Many reports have shown that many hackers have performed data theft that widely use data recovery tools and software and can potentially get your personal data from your thrown hard drive like personal information, your bank details, your confidential files, etc.
The stolen data can be resolved to a third party or even on the dark web, which is a red alert for you.
If you look closer, here are the five reasons why throwing your hard disk in the garbage can’t be reliable:

1. Data is stored forever: When you erase your data from the device and even empty the recycle bin, it doesn’t delete the data forever. Instead, it stays in the hard disk only, which is recoverable.

2. Failed or damaged hard drive can work further: Doesn’t matter how old your hard disk is or to what extent it has broken; data files remain in the device, and software can recover them anyhow. So data destruction service is really important before tossing, donating or recycling your hard drive.

3. Recycling is not equal to the security: Recycling is not reliable for destroying data because it doesn’t follow any secure chain of custody that you get from a professional data destruction service that can give you a reliable solution to get rid of the security threats.

4. Destruction is essential: It has been proved “data destruction” critical because even if the hard disk is shot by a bullet gun or thrown underwater, the data can still survive and may not be unrecoverable. That’s why it is crucial to outsource the job to a reliable data destruction service that provides quality service and has premium quality destruction tools.

5. Data destruction proof is necessary: A reliable data destruction company will assure you of their service with certification on each destruction service. This is official proof that it is important for IT assets that are disposed of properly. Certification is also necessary for compliance purposes parallel with regulatory officials, protecting from any fine and penalties for the compromised information.


Tossing away, donating or recycling a hard drive on your own can be not less than dangerous. However, now that you know the effects of tossing your hard drive, you can search for a reliable data destruction service that offers certifications on their service and help you with compliances and regularities.

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