Recover PSD files with these Three Data Recovery Solutions

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July 21, 2022


In a digital world, when a photographer thinks of refining and editing the beautiful moments they have captured, photoshop is one of the finest tools that comes first in their mind. Unfortunately, photoshop psd files could get corrupted due to certain reasons, which could render them inaccessible for the photographers, which is very frustrating. Author […]

Reasons that Cause Corruption in Photoshop files

Improperly installed third party add one that can have bugs.
Applications running in the background while saving a psd file
Accidentally changing the format
Power surges

How to Recover PSD files

1. Recovering from autosave: Turn on the autosave feature on the photoshop tool to get rid of unsaved files. As you continue to work, this feature enables saving files periodically as you continue to work on it.

2. Recovery from temporary files: The temporary files used by adobe to save your work in progress or changes you do in your files. You will have to remember the name of your original file to recover the work from temporary files.

3. Data recovery professional: Nothing can be better than an appropriate approach and tools that a professional offers to recover your precious PSD files corrupted. With a special approach, there will be more chances of recovery of your corrupted psd files.


Any file can be vulnerable to data loss due to certain reasons, which the right approaches and methods can eliminate. To achieve the best recovery of your corrupted files, you can connect to a data recovery specialist with skills and technology to fetch the best solutions for you.

Techchef is the Most Trusted Brand

With Techchef, your corrupted or failed psd file can be retrieved with 100% effective data recovery solutions offered by our professionals with 15+ years of expertise. With state-of-the-art technology and intensive work, we cater to the most specific and accurate data recovery solutions that go beyond your expectation.
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